10 activities using flowers and leaves that your child finds in nature

10 activities using flowers and leaves that your child finds in nature

No pulling the tree leaf or flower from the bib! We are talking about making art with what we already found on a walk in the park or in the backyard.

A walk in the park, in the square of the building or even in the backyard usually yields the little “scissors” collected that they bring home. They are pebbles, twigs, leaves and flowers that they found along the way and that, in the children’s natural curiosity, become “study objects” and play material of the most interesting.

And it is precisely using these items collected by our child explorers that we will play in this series of 10 ideas that we found on Instagram. To start, you already know: just take a walk somewhere with trees and nature – following all the health safety protocols – to collect what they find fallen, remembering that it is not necessary to pull the plants out of their habitat. At home, wash the material and let it dry. Bring the glue, the pens, the ink and all the material left over from art classes and that’s it!

Between us, fathers and mothers: it is very good when a game unfolds in several (like these here!), Isn’t it? Because, let’s face it, there are times when inspiration fails and we are unable to amend one activity to another, in an eternal schedule to entertain the children. Here, the little ones have fun exploring nature and enjoying the outdoors, and are still focused on producing creative content after they return home.

Nature explorers ready? Come on:

1. Sheets + drawings

To start, the classic! Leaves and flowers completing drawings. Here, you have two options: if the leaf is very beautiful and special, use it as a starting point for art; the second idea is to complete a drawing giving texture to some specific part.

Here are some cute examples:

2. Sheets + ink

Another combo that tends to be successful. You can use the plants as a brush to discover interesting textures (as in this drawing below) or paint faces and shapes on a leaf, like the cute little fox up there, fixed on a straw. In this case, the trick is to let the sheet dry well, it can help the ink to fix better, okay?

3. Flowers and leaves + glue

Look at that most delicate work of art just using flowers, branches and leaves! What counts here is to look for items that complement each other and form an “insect”. Then, just paste everything on a sulfite sheet or on a paper plate. You can create any pet you can imagine!

4. Dry leaves + paint and craft material

Dry leaves are a lot of fun to use in these activities! In addition to the “crunchy” texture, they allow you to paint more easily. The ghosts are made only of dry leaves, white paint and black pens for the eyes. The “little monsters” didn’t even need gouache… Craft eyes have already given the finishing touch!

5. Flowers + watercolor

Watercolor always brings a poetic touch, right? With flowers then, just imagine! First, paint with heavier weight Canson-type papers with watercolors that won’t let the paint leak. Wait to dry well and cut into small pieces or shapes. Then just paste the flowers combining colors. Gorgeous!

6. Flowers + homemade pasta

Homemade pasta is delicious and everyone has a recipe they already know or a tutorial they’ve watched (if you’ve never done it, know that it’s a simple mixture of flour, water, salt, oil and food coloring). To increase it, it is worth adding flowers, leaves or even seeds to give a more interesting texture. And look how beautiful the result is!

Ps: Just keep an eye out for anyone to have the idea of ​​eating the clay, okay?

7. Sheets + cut with scissors

Large and wide leaves can yield a very nice art too, since it is possible to cut them out. It is also worth choosing different colors of foliage for an interesting effect when structuring your work.

8. Leaves and flowers + toilet paper roll

Okay, we confess: we are very fans of handicrafts with rolls of toilet paper. After all, it is a material that we will always have and that invariably ends up in the trash (in the recycled can, we hope!). And mixing them with flowers and plants can yield very nice stickers, like these! Note that, in the case of the caterpillar with florets below, the suggestion is to make small holes for the flower stems to pass.

9. Branches and pine cones + cardboard

And don’t even think about discarding branches, logs and other kindling! They can also join in the fun. In the example above, the family drew a porcupine on the cardboard, covered the body with clay and stuck the natural materials into small pieces. A beauty!

Already the pine cones below, turned into the body of beautiful little angels with cardboard wings. The little heads can be made of wood, like the ones in the photo, or of clay.

10. Flowers + ice

A great choice for hot days! Freeze flowers and leaves in cups or cylindrical containers. Then the fun is to watch them melt! Place the floral jellies in containers with warm water or pour salt to see them translucent and the florets coming loose. And if you want more games for hot days, come here!

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