10 Instagram stores run by mothers to get to know and contribute

10 Instagram stores run by mothers to get to know and contribute

Being a woman and an entrepreneur, in many cases, is not an easy task. Being a woman, mother and entrepreneur, then, usually demands even more time, effort and work (physical and mental). This is because, even with an active support network, many mothers have to manage, at one time, the care of their children, the accomplishment of most of the domestic tasks and the demands of the business.

Entrepreneurship is the choice of several women, both by will and necessity, despite the latter being the reality of most Brazilian entrepreneurial mothers. This is because the labor market, although it has shown some advances, still excludes mothers, and the anguish of the end of maternity leave usually arises in many of them, which end up giving a new meaning to their priorities and needs in the postpartum period.

To top it off, in 2020 came the coronavirus pandemic, which still has no definite date to end. If the traditional economic sector has already been severely impacted, the small business sector has suffered even greater damage – and has also swelled, due to the many families that had their members laid off and needed a plan B. But it is not all bad news, and entrepreneurial mothers are there, reinventing itself and using social networks as a support and recognition tool.

Instagram is a great virtual place to shop for mothers, and the variety of products offered by these women is a bonus. In order for you to get to know, consume and contribute to maternal entrepreneurship, we have selected 10 little shops that we find there run by mothers.

Ah! And the Buy from mothers platform, an initiative linked to our Maternativa partners, is also worth a look. It is a virtual showcase of mothers’ work all over Brazil.

UniverSOU Affective and therapeutic gifts

The premise of UniverSOU, a brand formed by 4 women who are also mothers, is to promote self-care through natural, therapeutic and sustainable products. With an affordable price, it is possible to find aromatized candles, energizing baths, oils, stones and crystals there, just to name a few items. Highlight, also, for the UniverSou kits, great options for giving gifts to a loved one.

Gabi Mugs

As the name says, Canecas da Gabi is a brand specializing in handmade, customizable and handmade porcelain items, which now also has fun keychains. The owner of the business, Gabriela Mori, left the corporate world to dedicate herself to the entire production, which stands out for the quality and caprice of the drawings and phrases. One more idea of ​​the good ones to give away (including for yourself).

Ana Taturana

Crafts and motherhood came together to give life to the idea of ​​Ana Júlia, owner of the Ana Taturana brand, who makes dolls, naninhas and accessories with a very cute minimalist design. With an authorial and sensorial proposal, the products arrive in a few units, and are recommended for children of all ages (including babies).

Lab Embroidery

A solo mother, Daniella Alves has a degree in Graphic Design and an expert in embroidery, which at Lab Bordado adorns T-shirts, paintings, key chains and other accessories, all customizable according to the client’s wishes. The manual work here is meticulous, and the pieces are very tasteful.

Swallow’s Kitchen

With a vegan offer and a variety of cakes and sweets recommended for young children and babies, Cozinha da Andorinha presents a menu free of animal products, such as milk and eggs, for example. Instagramable, the delights are based on affective cuisine, and allow the little ones to enjoy themselves as much as the adults.

Natural Arrow

Eli Monteiro, owner of Panah Natural, has the main intention of guaranteeing the well-being of those who buy her brand products. Among the options, all with a natural and conscious footprint, are vegetable and essential oils, body creams, soaps, beauty waters and herbal kits, which serve for energizing baths and scalding.

A Touch of Green

Aimê Araujo is a mother, landscaper and entrepreneur who decided to turn her passion for nature into a business. At Um Toque de Verde, a Rio de Janeiro brand, you will find succulents, cacti and other plants, which serve both for the decoration of the house and for various souvenirs.

Flore the Being

If you like creative accessories that are out of the ordinary, Flore o Ser is a São Paulo brand of necklaces, earrings and bracelets with a design inspired by leaves and flowers. Produced by artisans and created by Adriana Ferreira in the midst of a postpartum depression, the business started for her to work on self-knowledge, and ended up expanding.

Love, bread and wine

Created in May in the midst of social isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Amor, Pan y Vino is the result of a couple formed by a Brazilian woman and a Uruguayan, parents of two girls. The two decided to combine the talent in the kitchen with the traditions of both countries, and today they sell quiches, antipasti and breads of various types in customizable gastronomic kits.

Débora Cassiano atelier

Débora Cassiano, had no other way out after motherhood than to leave the corporate environment and dedicate herself to her own business. Inspired by the Waldorf and Montessori methods, she, who has more than a decade of experience as a craftswoman, produces dolls and rag dolls as cute as they are rich in details.

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