10 movies and series with Halloween atmosphere (but that don't scare anyone!)

10 movies and series with Halloween atmosphere (but that don’t scare anyone!)

But don’t be afraid, little monsters: you can still enjoy Halloween a lot. And to start feeling that nice little chill down your spine, we’ve separated a selection of films and cartoons available on Prime Video, Netflix and other streaming and rental platforms for everyone to watch glued to the couch.

And you can even leave the light on and let mommy’s hand go, because these productions are more fun than scary, okay?


Frankstein’s classic story takes on a, let’s say, cutest outfit, as the monster comes out and a puppy enters. Recorded in stop motion, this black and white feature takes the well-known brand of director Tim Burton, who is fascinated by the dark aesthetic. In the plot, Victor has a dog he loves, Sparky. But the pet dies run over and the boy decides to revive the doguinho with a machine created by him. It works, but then … well, just watching it.

Where to watch? – Google Play

Hotel Transylvania

It doesn’t matter which one you decide to watch: both the first movie, as well as the sequel, the third or even the series inspired by the movie are very funny! With a very peculiar mood, the plot about Count Dracula and his teenage daughter Mavis is a full plate for children who love monsters, since all the famous people circulate in the hotel.

Where to watch? – Netflix e Google Play

Viva – Life is a party

Despite talking about another important date, the Day of the Dead, the Pixar film has a very Halloween feel to it. With a cemetery, skeletons and magical creatures, the film is starring the little boy Miguel, who dreams of being a great singer as his idol, but ends up moving to the other side of life. To try to get out of the land of the dead, he will have to discover the truth about his family’s history. In addition to being visually beautiful, it reminds us that we should be proud of our ancestors and be true to who we really are.

Where to watch? – Google Play e em breve no Disney+

The Addams Family

The scary family films marked the parents’ childhood, but for the new generation, the Addams arrive in an animation released in 2019 and based on the Charles Addams comics. In the plot, they will be visited by chilling relatives, but the timing is not good: the mansion may have its days numbered, as an unscrupulous celebrity appears trying to sell the houses in the neighborhood.

Where to watch? – Telecine Play, Google Play e Now

The Kiki Delivery Service

Do not rush to discard this classic in the midst of so many more modern films. The renowned Studio Ghibli feature is a gem! Kiki is a little witch who leaves her parents’ house to try her luck in a large and unknown city. She has the ability to fly on a broom and has a black cat, but she is not a traditional witch. Young and curious, she sets up a delivery service and is always helping anyone who crosses her path.

Probably the least typical Halloween movie on this list, because there is nothing scary about it. There is no trailer in Portuguese, but the film is dubbed on Netflix, okay?

Where to watch? – Netflix

Super Monsters

During the day, they are normal children, but when the moon appears … They become monsters! Son of the most famous creatures in the world of terror, these little ones are funnier than scary, see? In this year’s Halloween special, the characters will celebrate Dia de los Monstros, a recreation of the traditional Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead.

If the kids enjoy it, it is also worth watching the “Halloween Special” and the “Halloween of Life”, which are from last year and very cute.

Where to watch? – Netflix

Toy Story de Terror

If you haven’t seen the Toy Story short films, you don’t know what you’re missing. So fun and with the same script quality as the feature films, the short films in the franchise tend to be very funny and this is exactly the case for this 2013 mini horror drama.

It all starts when the toys travel to Bonnie’s grandmother’s house, but when stopping at a suspicious roadside hotel, one of the toys disappears and the others will have to go on a very mysterious adventure.

Where to watch? – The short runs on Disney Channel and Disney Junior (according to the schedule) and can be found on Youtube divided into parts.

The monster house

Three friends discover a very scary house in their neighborhood. And look: she is alive and is actually a monster! Now they will need to save the neighborhood and prevent houses from being taken to hell. A little bit more frightening than the others on this list (but no terror, of course!), The very little ones may be able to skip this suggestion and go to our next one, okay?

Where to watch? – HBO Go e Google Play


Monsters, vampires, ghosts and skeletons … Everyone is here! And they are very cute! Van is a friendly vampire who moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania, USA. Together with her family, she needs to deal with the new school, new friendships and… humans! All without losing its roots that make it so unique.

Here, we are fans of this cute Disney design and we’ve already told you why it’s a great tool to talk about respecting differences. And the songs (like the one in the video above) are really cute – or as Vampirina would say… “SPANTACULAR”!

Where to watch? – Disney Junior

Coraline and the Secret World

Despite the cute look of stop motion, the film inspired by the book of the same name, by Neil Gaiman, is a little sinister in its plot and can scare minors. The story revolves around Coraline, a bored girl who discovers a parallel universe, where everything seems to be cooler than in her real life. What she ends up discovering is that this false happiness hides a dangerous secret – and button eyes. It’s very exciting, see?

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