12 great books on sale at Cyber ​​Monday for the children's bookshelf

12 great books on sale at Cyber ​​Monday for the children’s bookshelf

Black Friday may be over, but interesting promotions for children continue happening this Monday (30th).

With the coronavirus pandemic that led to the closure of schools, parents began to face doubts about their children’s literacy process. And it is not by chance, after all, that this is the first time that we are experiencing the need to transport a classroom into the home – albeit with the essential and non-transferable monitoring of distance teachers.

Even so, books have become good allies in moments of fun. Its benefits range from helping children to get into the habit of reading from an early age, learning to discuss challenging but necessary topics and even being able to disconnect a little from the pains that affected everyone. Important, right?

But if your shopping focus was different on Black Friday and you missed the opportunity to buy good books, don’t worry. This Monday (30), happens the Cyber Monday, another day of promotions that started in the United States, but spread around the world. Even arriving here with interesting prices.

Check out this list made especially for the little ones (and good shopping!):

O Cachorro Perdido, Guido van Genechten. From R $ 44 from R $ 24.46 (40% off)

The Festa das Letras, Cecília Meireles and Josué de Castro. From R $ 55 R $ 30,50 (45% off)

The blue monster wants it all !, Jeanne Willis. From R $ 24.90 by R$ 14,60 (41% off)

The Old Lady Who Named Things, Cynthia Rylant. From R $ 48 $ 28.80 (40% off)

A Family is a Family is a Family, Sara O’Lear. From R $ 41 $ 24.50 (40% off)

Clara, Ilan Brenman and Silvana RandO. From R $ 42 $ 26.70 (36% off)

Sentimentos, Libby Walden. From R $ 39.90 $ 22.50 (44% off)

Seven Yellow Dogs, Silvana Rando. From R $ 44 $ 28.70 (35% off)

The Bear of All Colors, Stephen Michael King and Gilda de Aquino. From R $ 45 by R $ 28.40 (37% off)

Kabá Darebu, Daniel Munduruku and Marie Therese Kowalczyk. From R $ 48 for R $ 36 (25% off)

Angry Zeca, Robert Starling. From R $ 48 by R $ 30,60 (36% off)

Guilherme Augusto Araújo Fernandes, Mem Fox. From R $ 48 $ 28.80 (40% off)

* The newsroom selected products in November, on Cyber ​​Monday. We can receive a commission for purchases made on Amazon.

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