12 names of heroes and heroines who are successful in movies and comics

12 names of heroes and heroines who are successful in movies and comics

Registering the child is a moment of great responsibility, but it can also be guided by the heart and our tastes. And, look, there is no right or wrong, see? You can either name the little one with a title that honors the family’s roots (be it Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, etc.) or choose an inspiration from a song you love.

There are still those who seek ideas in their favorite comics or hero films. The stories, which often mark generations and continue to be reinvented in cinema and streaming platforms, have protagonists with strengths, mental abilities and other characteristics that can symbolize the preciousness of the child to come.

It doesn’t matter if the daddies prefer the Marvel or DC universe: we separate 12 beautiful names of heroes and heroines who are successful – and who knows, maybe they will become even more frequent inside your house ?! Check only:

1. Diana

One of the founders of the Justice League, Wonder Woman first appeared in the comics published by DC Comics and has since become synonymous with an independent and powerful woman, who fights for peace and equality.

For those who don’t know, the iconic character is actually Diana, a princess born on an island where only warriors lived, the Amazons. And for those who want to call their daughter that, we guarantee that you will not regret it, since the name carries the beautiful meaning “divine”, which coincides with the noble characteristics of the heroine.

2. Thor

For those who have more affinity with the Marvel universe, we bring here an option that should delight parents! Thor is known as the God of Thunder and was one of those responsible for opening the Avengers – a group that ended up becoming a worldwide successful franchise!

And if we consult the origin of his name, we see that it derives precisely from Norse mythology, in which Thor was the god of strength and war, who with the divine powers of his hammer protected the farmers from all evil.

3. Jessica

Another character who has gained fame – and even her own space on the small screens – is Jessica Jones. She made her first appearance in the Marvel comics as a retired superhero who starts working as a private investigator and deals with a series of problems in the cosmopolitan life.

In 2015, the story became part of the Netflix series catalog and became even better known. It may even be a coincidence, but the translation of her name has everything to do with the character’s profession, since Jessica means “the observer”.

4. Peter

Widely used in English-speaking countries (here in Brazil “Pedro” appears more), the name can be translated as “stone” or “rock”, recalling characteristics of firmness and persistence. The term also alludes to one of the apostles of Jesus Christ and is what is called one of the heroes most loved by children: Peter Parker.

Yes, the charismatic Spider-Man, endowed with powers of agility, speed and endurance, receives this charming international name whose pronunciation is good in several languages.

  • 5. Natasha

    Not everyone knows, but this is the true identity of the Black Widow character, a member of the Avengers. Because her body has been modified by biotechnology, superheroine is resistant to aging and disease, in addition to having improved senses and a master in martial arts and an expert in espionage.

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    Of Latin origin, Natasha means “birth” or “who was born well at Christmas”. In the past, girls who arrived in the world on December 25th often received this name, a symbol of renewal and hope.

    6. Daniel

    Most religious parents will love this option! The Hebrew name means “the Lord is my judge” and it is even as one of the four Major Prophets, who received from God the gifts of wisdom and the interpretation of dreams.

    In the universe of comics, we find Daniel as Iron Fist, a young man who with the training of a martial arts master gains the power to focus the life force energy in his hands.

    7. Grace

    Meta-human endowed with strength and healing capacity, Grace Choi is one of the characters that the most frequent readers of DC Comics should know. His name has a literal meaning (“grace” in English) and also has a relationship with a person who brings blessings. Great way to show how the little girl’s arrival was rewarding for the family, right?

    8. Luke

    The English version of Lucas has two possible origins: it can come from Greek for “what comes from Lucania” (region in southern Italy) and some say that the root of the name is Latin, resulting in a translation close to “o luminous ”.

    In addition to this special symbolism, parents can enjoy the correspondence with Luke Cage, a character who gains the powers of superhuman strength after being subjected to an experimental procedure. Oh, not to mention that his plot was adapted for a Netflix series and made history in terms of representativeness for being the first black superhero to star in his own comic series.

  • 9. Daisy

    Also known as “Skye” or “Tremor”, Daisy Johnson is most famous in the comics, but also has appearances in “The Avengers”, when recruited to use her seismic skills to fight the villain Galactus.

    Contrary to what is imagined for the character, her name is one of those that resemble spring. That’s because Daisy corresponds to the English word for the daisy flower – which, in the old language, translated as “the eye of the day”.

    10. Oliver

    Do you believe Oliver was the eighth most chosen international name for boys in 2020? And the term “olive tree” should grow even more, if we take into account the tendency to bring to the national scene those nomenclatures that are successful abroad.

    For those who follow the series “Arrow” or the DC comics, you know that Oliver Queen plays the role of Green Arrow, a vigilante who proposes to save his city from crime after spending five years wrecked on a desert island. As the title itself says, the character’s skills with the bow and arrow are impressive!

  • 11. Jean

    He thought of the gift of telepathy, he thought of Jean Gray! She is one of the most powerful members of the X-Men and is often codenamed Phoenix. The name itself, although not so common in Brazil, has a unisex character and refers to a person “graced by God”. Very symbolic, agree?

    12. Steve

    The name chosen for the emblematic Captain America could not be anything other than Steve, a term that comes from the Greek and means “the crowned one”. In addition to his physical strength, the character is endowed with great intelligence, which makes him an expert in guerrilla tactics.

    (And if you didn’t like any of these suggestions, check out our baby name tool. Your son’s or daughter’s will be there!)

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