15 books for baby to start getting familiar with reading

15 books for baby to start getting familiar with reading

The taste for reading is one of the characteristics that mothers and fathers most desire in daughters and sons. In a study conducted by researchers at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), in addition to being in the top 5, he was mentioned as one of the most important family ties in the transition from childhood to youth – a family that reads together remains united.

To reach this goal, it is not enough to hope that the baby is born with something like a “reading gene” or to demand that the school make the children become great readers. It is at home that everything starts and has to be maintained.

According to the conclusions of two other studies carried out in 2015 (one at the University of Minho-Portugal and the other at the Federal University of Paraíba), the main factors that lead the children to become interested in reading are to see the adults in the house reading and having books within reach so they can read or simply browse when they feel like it.

The part of setting an example is up to you. As for leaving books at the baby’s disposal from the first months of life, we are here to help you! We selected 15 books – 7 for bath and 8 to be left on the floor of the room, in the feeding chair or where they can be handled safely – suitable for children 0 to 2 years old. Check out!

Baby bath books

Cute, these titles are ideal for children’s first year of life. The order here is to have fun with books and toys in the water:

1. Friends of the sea – Suelen Katerine A. Santos

The waterproof book comes with four themed toys from the marine universe that make it even more fun to wash your baby.

Price: R$ 27,53

2. Beto’s Acrobatics – Equipe Brijbasei

An articulate and extremely malleable bath book that shows the adventures of a very happy acrobat dolphin.

Price: R$ 23,92

3. Bathing Adventures: Little Duck and Goldfish – Edicart

This classic children’s bath brings toys of the duck and goldfish of the title, which helps adults to tell the story.

Price: R$ 20,63

4. Bi bi bath – Numbers – Susaeta Ediciones Spain

With the help of this cute book, children begin to become familiar with the numbers 1 to 4 in the bath. To shake the bathtub a little, the 4 has a fun horn.

Price: R$ 19,20

5. Come to the Bath! Vrum! – Edicart

Perfect for bathing babies who like strollers, ships and planes, as these toys form a colorful kit with the book.

Price: R$ 48,23

6. Riki & Gabi: The cheese sandwich – Usually Katerine A. Santos

In the shape of a loaf of bread, the bath book tells the story of a little mouse who loves cheese and a little mouse fan of flowers.

Price: R$ 9,90

7. Animals of the forest – Ciranda Cultural

Featuring four ladybug-friendly pets, this book has a great “handle” for babies who are in the gripping stage.

Price: R$ 21,15

Books to leave where the baby reaches

Whether in the crawling phase or when they are already seated, leafing through and admiring the illustrations, these titles arouse children’s curiosity and love for books.

8. Nico’s ship – Rachel Elliot

It is a “bubble book”, with little round windows that show the characters page after page. Classic format and adored by the little ones!

Price: R$ 9,90

9. What can the bear feel? – Inc. The Clever Factory

With wide eyes that move, the book invites children to explore the forest environment that is presented on its pages.

Price: R$ 9,90

10. Leãozinho – Brijbasi Art Press Ltd.

The little accordion book forms a very cute panel when fully open – in it, the illustrations of the lion and his friends from the jungle, as well as hanging toys.

Price: R$ 38,35

11. Discoveries – Mini-library – Ciranda Cultural

The first collection of baby books, with six mini-books about animals, colors, numbers, opposites, places and shapes.

Price: R$ 15,92

12. How Good Fisher-Price Collection – Various Authors

The kit brings the four books from the beloved collection of children’s books, in which children learn how good it is to share, sleep, be kind and have friends.

Price: R$ 39,90

13. My first word book – Todolivro

A great book to start enriching children’s vocabulary, with the help of illustrations that refer to the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, opposites and sounds.

Price: R$ 19,23

14. What’s inside your diaper? – Guido van Genechten

When accompanying the exploration of the interior of the diapers of the rabbit, the goat, the puppy and other animals, the baby starts to be aware of what fills his own diapers.

Price: R$ 49,30

15. My world: Pets – Brijbasi Art Press Ltd.

Featuring domestic animals such as cats and dogs, the book with cloth pages has a rattle ring that allows the child to carry it everywhere.

Price: R$ 21,17

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