5 decorating trends for children's rooms that will rock in 2021

5 decorating trends for children’s rooms that will rock in 2021

There is no doubt that discovering a pregnancy in the year 2020 was challenging. In addition to the constant fear of contracting the new coronavirus, the absence of a face-to-face support network and the uncertainties about childbirth during a pandemic, parents needed to rethink even in the logistics of how to set up the baby’s room.

It took a lot of waist to create the corner reserved for the little one without weighing the pocket, without major renovations and, often, sharing the space with a home office improvised. These setbacks made a style of decoration last year and reach even stronger in 2021: or minimalism.

Tássia Pereira, interior design at TT Interiores, explains that this trend has put into practice the famous phrase that “less is more”. This means that even furniture, which was previously seen as essential, has given way to items that will be used in the long term, such as replacing the breastfeeding chair with children’s beds.

1. Nature and the galaxy inside the room

The same line of thought appears in the suggested themes for the baby’s room. According to architect Amanda Mori, partner at Go Up Architecture, parents have opted for alternatives that can be maintained as the child grows. In 2021, those inspired by the nature.

“They have everything natural materials, neutral colors balanced with vibrant tones and many references to fauna and flora, in addition to elements in straw, wood, macramé and knitting”, details the architect.

And if outer space drew attention in 2020, it continues to delight some parents. Interior design Fabiana Valdisserra, from the Uzo Design office, remembers that this can result in decorations that use the clouds e stars to compose children’s rooms, regardless of the gender of the baby.

2. Earthy tones draw attention

As for the colors, the most neutral ones are still the bets for those who don’t want to go wrong. Only with them, 2021 brings attention to earthy tones, such as closed brown and mustard, in addition to those chosen by Pantone.

Unlike the previous ones, the main world color company chose two shades to represent this beginning year, the Grey it’s the yellow. Therefore, the tendency is to observe decorative products with these tones on the market and even consider bringing them to the walls of the baby’s room.

If this is the parents’ choice, just be careful with the intensity of the yellow. Fabiana explains that, even though the color is full of light and energy, it can end up shaking the baby when used in an exaggerated way.

For this, Amanda has a golden tip: choose gray for items that will stay longer in the baby’s room and yellow, as well as other vibrant colors, for seasonal elements.

3. New furniture? Only if they are versatile!

Due to the practicality that the coronavirus pandemic demanded from families, Fabiana reinforces that the trend of 2021 in relation to the furniture in the baby’s room is that they are evolutionary, following the growth of the little one.

An example pointed out by Amanda is the Montessori style bed, which remains a favorite among parents for providing the child with autonomy, regardless of age, and avoiding possible accidents. “It can also receive customizations in the form of a house, hut, castle, fort, rocket, that is, including a playful and fun element”, exemplifies the architect.

Another trend that gained strength in 2020 and continues for this year is that of nets that fit babies perfectly. They can be attached to both the crib and the bed, packing and entertaining the little one at the same time.

4. Shelves = practicality

With families living in smaller and smaller apartments, shelves have become practically mandatory items in children’s rooms. When placed at strategic points in the environment, their functionality is expanded.

As babies, they can stay close to the changing table so that parents always have the necessary utensils at hand or to decorate as support for the stuffed animals.

When they are older, Amanda suggests that they can be used for their development when installed at their height with the appropriate security features. For example, they become book shelves where the child can choose which day to read.

5. Focus on custom walls

To avoid renovations that make dirt and bring a tone of modernity to the baby’s corner, the wallpaper and wall stickers continue to be successful in 2021. And due to the decoration focused on nature, Fabiana points out that it will be easier to find them in the themes of flowers and animals.

Only if it’s not what you’re looking for, know that the maps and planets neither will they be out of the market this year and can easily please children.

Along with them, there is also a bet on artistic panels made exclusively for the baby on the way, personalized according to the parents’ preference. In addition to the sectorized paintings, that is, when only a part of the wall gains color, opening the possibility of playing with different formats.

See an example below, in which Amanda designed a drawing in a house structure over the little girl’s bed, in the same tone rose gold (which also appears on the ceiling and in decoration details, such as the lamp):

(Thiago Bianchi Photography / Go Up Architecture / Reproduction)

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