6 different clay tutorials to try today!

6 different clay tutorials to try today!

A selection of homemade pasta to try on holiday. Call everyone who’s going to start the spree!

If boredom is hitting hard today, let’s startle him right now! And nothing better than a sensory activity to balance the energies and improve the mood of the little ones – and, consequently, of the parents too! At these times, the play dough can be the perfect game. They keep the children entertained when mixing the ingredients, release tensions by kneading the dough and then just let your imagination go to create the shapes and dolls.

And if the bought dough is already hardened in the jars, we searched the internet for tutorials that bring new ideas for mixtures. Using few ingredients, these videos are very simple to understand. The only reminder is that, because they are homemade and without preservatives like industrialized ones, they are perishable and harden faster, ok?

1. Play-doh clay

Let’s start with the basic plasticine for those who have never tried it at home. In the video, you can check the measurements, but separate the food coloring, warm water, wheat flour, olive oil and salt.

A key tip is the order of preparation: first, you need to color the warm water, then mix it with the oil, and then just add the flour, okay? This makes the color more uniform. And did you know that salt is to make the tone more intense and bright?

2. Play dough conditioner

Can you make pasta using only two ingredients? Believe it or not, but it does. According to this video, just mix hair conditioner and corn starch. It is super-smelling and soft, but here’s the tip: the dough needs to be WELL kneaded to come off the fingers, okay? The beginning is a little desperate, but then it takes shape!

3. Smelling dough of powdered juice

Another fragrant clay, but in this case, with a fruit aroma! Very simple too, the advantage of this is that you don’t need food coloring, because powdered juice already provides the color.

The mixture takes wheat flour, salt, powdered juice, vinegar (not to mold) and water – the measurements you can see in the video, ok? Go correcting with water or flour until you reach the texture you want. Just remember that some people are allergic to flavorings and dyes, make sure before playing.

4. Cornstarch pasta

The texture of this clay is IRRESISTIBLE! Even adults will be surprised, but it is good to leave the alert: make the “art” on a surface easy to clean, because the chances of the game become a snot. The secret here is the use of corn starch which, combined with water, creates a “quicksand” for your hands. Just experimenting to discover the grace! (And no, it’s not like slime!)

5. Play dough with glitter

The video is in English, but the base of the clay is the same as the first. The grace here is in the shine! Just be sure to mix all dry ingredients (including glitter) before adding water. And if you want an additional trick, blend two shades of sparkle, like purple and silver. The effect is WOW!

6. Soap clay

This one is fun and useful at the same time! Using sunflower oil, corn starch (look at it again!) And liquid soap, you can create a mass of soap in minutes. If you want to color, you can add our old food coloring friend, okay?

The result is this clay dough that can be used to wash your hands or play in the bath until it melts! The video is in English, but the walkthrough is really visual.

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