9 great ideas for games using toilet paper roll

9 great ideas for games using toilet paper roll

Puzzle, stamps, stroller … Every child has a favorite type of toy. But the truth is, it doesn’t always have to be bought in a store! To expand the range of new items – and also activities -, it is possible to use utensils from the house itself, giving them an unprecedented (and much more fun!) Purpose

Pet bottles can be turned into soap bubble factories, egg shells can be filled with paint so that the little one breaks with a plastic hammer and a simple roll of toilet paper is capable of becoming something you never imagined – from a big castle even a spider stamp!

And bonus: using the material that would be disposed of in a playful and creative way, the kids still learn about recycling and sharpen their imagination to paint, cut, fit and put into play the games created by themselves.

Check only these 9 great ideas using the tubes to put into practice with the family:

1. Colorful butterflies

Small artists will be delighted with this activity, which involves creating beautiful butterflies from recycled material! First, choose colors that match when used together (such as yellow and orange, blue and white or whichever child prefers) and paint the entire surface of the paper rolls.

Let it dry and then cut out the shape of the wings, whose mold is indicated in the photo. To make the body of the insect, it is possible to use pipe cleaners (the name may be strange, but it is a material widely used in handicrafts), pieces of straw or other handicraft materials. Now just let them fly around!

2. Nutcracker

Ready, aim, go! Another super creative way to enjoy the toilet paper rolls is to use them to build a racing circuit. Just open the sides of a cardboard box, which will serve as a base, and mount the path with the rolls glued together.

The choice of competitors is at the discretion of the children: they can be brown, as in the picture above, marbles, plastic carts and so on. And don’t forget to place a basket or box at the finish line, so that the objects are not lost around the house!

3. Every toothpick in your little house!

How about promoting fun and even stimulating some of your child’s skills? This game, which only requires paper tubes and ice cream sticks, aims to unite the objects in their respective “little houses”. It will be a good way to develop fine motor skills and test the color recognition of the little one!

4. Fun dolls

The cylindrical shape of the paper rolls is perfect for creating dolls and puppets, which can be used in various children’s games. To personalize the tubes, it is possible to take advantage of gift wrapping with fun prints or make your own painting with markers.

The accessories and details of the head are easily made with cut and paste. Notice how cute the character’s glasses were and the pompoms stuck to his hair!

5. Spider stamp

After this idea of ​​activity, we bet that children will never want to buy ready stamps at stationery stores! 😅 After all, it is much more fun to create your own from scratch, right? And for that, just cut the sides of the paper roll, so that they are in “strips” and wet them in black ink.

Then, just stamp with the mold on bond paper and see several nice spiders appear on the surface – even more if you have those fun little plastic eyes!

6. Castle of… tubes!

The little ones must have spent hours on the beach building sand castles, but creating them from recycled material is new! And despite the fascinating result, we guarantee that it is not difficult to prepare such a fortress.

Simply glue the tubes together – you may need to use hot glue, so it is best that this step is left to the parents – and play with the sizes, textures and details. The flags hanging on the straw gave a whole charm, right?

7. Flying around!

Here the rolls get the support of more pieces of cardboard that you find out there, like boxes of Christmas gifts. The biggest job will be to make the inserts with the wooden sticks (which can be the thickest of crafts or barbecue), but we are sure that the small engineers will be able to give a helping hand to the parents 😉.

8. Find half the geometric shape

Yes, the possibilities of handicrafts with the rolls are endless, but nothing prevents them from being used in playful and Montessori activities as well. As the video shows, the proposal here is to fit the halves of the geometric shapes, like a different puzzle.

So, after drawing them on the pieces of tube each with its color, let the child challenge himself by trying to find the parts that are complete. Oh, and for the support, it’s worth using a paper towel holder or any similar object.

9. Flower bracelets

As it is a foldable material, the paper roll can become a great mold for bracelets! It works like this: cut out strips of the tube, adjusting the size so that it fits right into the child’s wrist, and close with hot glue.

The flowers can be made with the pieces of recycled material themselves and added with a lot of glitter and glitter. And if you have some plants in your home garden to make the work more realistic, even better!

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