Airdroid Premium Cracked Apk 14 ##TOP##

Airdroid Premium Cracked Apk 14 ##TOP##

Airdroid Premium Cracked Apk 14DOWNLOAD


Airdroid Premium Cracked Apk 14

Install Google Camera on Android, and make your photos a lot more beautiful.

About the package:

This version, which was updated on the 19th of April 2020, is completely free of charge and does not require root.

What’s new in version 2.0:

Here are the most important things that are new:
– New languages: English, Russian and Portuguese.
– “Slight” graphical improvements.
– Improvements to the photo sharpening algorithm.
– Support for Nexus 6P and 6P.
– Clicking on a link in the Recents screen will take you directly to the map.
– Fixed an issue with “Skip” button on the navigation bar.
– Fixed an issue in the search autofill dialog.
– New preview of the selected contacts.
– New language translations.
– Various other minor improvements and fixes.

About the developers:

The developers of this app are Xiaobai Software Company.

The latest version that we release is “Premium”.


We publish in the Play Store only the versions of this app that have been tested and are updated regularly to maintain their functionality. If you have spotted any issues, you can report them here.

For help and troubleshooting, visit

The developers of this app are the xiaobai software company.

Premium is the best app ever for the Android platform.

Premium is an application that will help you do many things on your phone.

First of all, it will allow you to backup your phone’s data in three different ways.

It will enable you to hide apps.

It will allow you to hide the title bar on a lock screen, like on an iPad.

It will allow you to hide the status bar on a lock screen, like on an iPad.

It will give you the ability to protect your phone from unwanted access to private information.

It will give you the ability to record the screen without permission.

It will give you the ability to take photos and videos.

It will give you the ability to view the contents of your phone in 3D and rotate your phone in any direction.

It will give you the ability to share files and texts with others.

It will give you the ability to send files to other devices.

It will give you the ability to share files


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