Apostila Treinamento Fortigate NEW! Full ➠

Apostila Treinamento Fortigate NEW! Full ➠

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Apostila Treinamento Fortigate Full

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Apostila Treinamento Fortigate Full
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The logo for Fortinet is a variation on the famous lightning bolt logo for McAfee.

After the acquisition by for-tier, the company released a new logo that expanded the bolt from four downward points to five, with the text and the meaning of the name emphasized over the bolt. This logo is still in use today.

In 2004, the Fortify division of for-tier released its first products. The products were named after notorious hacker exploits; the full list was:

Proactive Patrol, the first network firewall
Proactive Response, the first intrusion prevention system
Proactive Security Architecture, a physical firewall and anti-virus package
Fortify Linux, an embedded Linux-based operating system
Fortify Standard, an Internet server security package
Fortify Information Security Framework, a data leak prevention product
Fortify IDS, an intrusion detection system
Fortify IPSec, a protocol analyzer
Fortify Accelerated, a disk encryption product
Fortify Forensic, a full system-hardening tool for forensics
Fortify Start, an interactive online security system

Products through 2008
Fortify Network Security Appliance
Fortify Security Architecture
Fortify Security Manager
Fortify Security Director
Fortify Secure Communications Manager
Fortify Firewall Manager
Fortify IDS Manager
Fortify IPSec Manager
Fortify ANI Manager
Fortify ACL Manager
Fortify Policy Manager
Fortify Host-Based Firewall Manager

Products in 2009–2010
Fortify Secure Communications Manager 2008
Fortify Firewall Manager 2008
Fortify IPSec Manager 2009
Fortify ANI Manager 2009
Fortify Policy Manager 2009
Fortify Firewall Manager 2009
Fortify Secure Communications Manager 2010
Fortify Firewall Manager 2010
Fortify IPSec Manager 2010
Fortify ANI Manager 2010
Fortify Policy Manager 2010
Fortify IDS Manager 2010
Fortify Accelerated
Fortify IDS Manager 2008
Fortify IDS Manager 2010
Fortify Traffic Manager
Fortify Accelerated
Fortify IPSec Manager 2009
Fortify ANI Manager 2009
Fortify Traffic Manager
Fortify Firewall Manager

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