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The first version of AutoCAD for the Apple Macintosh was released in 1983 and introduced a GUI to the earlier command-line interface applications like the original Autocad. Autodesk marketed AutoCAD as a fully-featured, affordable entry-level CAD program for Macintosh computers as the only one available for the time with a GUI. Before the first release of AutoCAD, there were a number of other attempts at making CAD programs for the Apple Macintosh, including a version of CADSoft released in 1979 and an early attempt called the “New” CAD program that was developed at Charles River Laboratories and released in 1980.

AutoCAD has been licensed to more than half a million users worldwide and is one of the most popular professional computer applications available for the Apple Macintosh.

AutoCAD’s internal design has been made up of two parts, the new Geometry Engine and the Primitive Engine. The Geometry Engine is an application that does the work of a Drafting Appliance, working with the following information:

The Design Center

The design center is the source of geometric data; the source of a model’s geometry, lines and dimensions, as well as the origin of objects.

The Design Center loads a file, and makes it available to the CAD application. A draft must be constructed from that data.

The Primitive Engine works with a model’s primitive elements; these are the categories of building blocks used in CAD.

The Primitive Engine reads and interprets primitive element data, and updates the model with the new data.

Autodesk has released three subsequent versions of AutoCAD since the first release of AutoCAD in 1982. Each of these major versions are referred to as AutoCAD Classic, AutoCAD 1992, and AutoCAD 2010. A fourth major version, AutoCAD LT, is the legacy product which is no longer sold and is only available for use with the 2012 version of AutoCAD. AutoCAD LT is only available for Mac OS X 10.5 or newer.

On Windows, AutoCAD runs on any PC with a compatible Pentium processor. AutoCAD LT is capable of running on any Windows PC with an AMD K6 or K7 processor. If your Windows computer does not meet this requirement, you can still run AutoCAD LT. AutoCAD LT is not capable of running on any Apple Mac computer. The following table

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Geometric Modeling: There is native support in AutoCAD Serial Key 2010 for in-memory geometric modeling of solid and mesh objects. This includes both polyline and polyface modeling.

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AutoCAD Download

Open Autocad application, select the desired Autocad file in the folder. Autocad will open with the selected file.

To generate Autodesk DWG to PDF format files:

1. Select the desired Autocad DWG file from the folder.

2. Select Tools / Setups / Document Setup / AutoCAD PDF.

3. Choose the appropriate location to save the PDF file.

Instruments used for different operations in Autocad

Autocad Applications:

Autocad 2016
Autocad 2016 was released on 24 May, 2013.

Autocad 2014
Autocad 2014 was released on 20 July, 2013.

Autocad 2013
Autocad 2013 was released on 15 July, 2012.

Autocad 2012
Autocad 2012 was released on 9 December, 2011.

Autocad 2010
Autocad 2010 was released on 28 November, 2011.

Autocad 2008
Autocad 2008 was released on 5 October, 2007.

Autocad 2007
Autocad 2007 was released on 19 April, 2007.

Autocad 2005
Autocad 2005 was released on 23 October, 2005.

Autocad 2004
Autocad 2004 was released on 1 January, 2004.

Autocad 2003
Autocad 2003 was released on 22 October, 2003.

Autocad 2002
Autocad 2002 was released on 13 January, 2002.

Autocad 2001
Autocad 2001 was released on 17 December, 2001.

Autocad 2000
Autocad 2000 was released on 13 October, 2000.

Autocad 1999
Autocad 1999 was released on 19 November, 1999.

Autocad 1998
Autocad 1998 was released on 18 November, 1998.

Autocad 1997
Autocad 1997 was released on 9 November, 1997.

Autocad 1996
Autocad 1996 was released on 16 April, 1996.

Autocad 1995
Autocad 1995 was released on 25 October, 1995.

Autocad 1994
Autocad 1994 was released on 17 May, 1994.

Autocad 1993
Autocad 1993 was released on 25 September, 1993.

Autocad 1992
Autocad 1992 was released on 17 July, 1992.


What’s New In?

Explore new features and performance improvements in AutoCAD 2020, including:

New standard functionality

Expanded DIA functionality

New time-saving features

We will showcase these improvements and others in a webinar on Monday, April 21. You can register for the webinar here.

More learning resources

Here are resources to help you learn how to use AutoCAD.

Stay up to date on new releases and announcements from Autodesk and on the Autodesk Community.

Download the Autodesk 2020 AutoCAD 2023

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System Requirements:

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Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560/AMD Radeon HD 6750 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 5GB available space
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