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AutoCAD history

AutoCAD is the most widely used software application in the field of architecture and engineering. Designed for engineers and architects, AutoCAD is a 2D drawing and drafting program used to create, modify, and manage 2D drawings and models.

AutoCAD was created in December 1982 as a desktop application running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers. In the early years of AutoCAD’s release, the software ran on hardware that had very limited memory, making it essential for each user to carry around a storage medium. In fact, that was still the case in 2006, when AutoCAD released version 2008, which debuted as a 64-bit application.

Today, the Autodesk AutoCAD® family of software products includes AutoCAD® Architecture, AutoCAD® Civil 3D, AutoCAD® Electrical, AutoCAD® Mechanical, AutoCAD® Structural, and AutoCAD® Inventor. The line also includes mobile apps, and web apps (which use web services to transfer data among the cloud, desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, via a web browser and mobile device). AutoCAD LISP

In 2006, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD® LISP, an interpreted language that was used to create and maintain various aspects of the architecture. The AutoCAD LISP language was designed to be object-oriented and transferable to future versions of AutoCAD.

The AutoCAD LISP language and interpreter were replaced in 2013 with the new AutoLISP language and interpreter. The new AutoLISP language is a modern, object-oriented language that follows AutoCAD’s Object Oriented Language (ACADOOL).

AutoCAD history timeline

1982: First Release

Released: December 1982. Version 1.0 was renamed AutoCAD.

Available for: Microcomputers, with an internal graphics controller.

1994: 3D Release

Released: September 1994. Version 2.0 introduced 3D modeling.

Available for: The following platforms: Windows; PC/XT, PC/AT, and PC/286; Macintosh; Amiga; Atari ST; and Motorola 68000/Zilog Z8000.

1996: 17th Anniversary

Released: September 1996. Version 3.0 brought AutoCAD to an even larger audience, and introduced 2D and 3D

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When using ObjectARX or the ObjectARX SDK (application programming interface) there are two ways to communicate with the API;
by writing C++, or
by using an interpreted language, such as AutoLISP.

AutoCAD’s ObjectARX class library consists of five main classes for manipulation of the application’s data:
DATATABLE – a container for storing 2D and 3D coordinates, geometric data and other geometric content
DATATRANGE – class for manipulating 2D and 3D coordinates, and geometric content
DATATRANSFORMATION – class for manipulating 2D and 3D coordinates, and geometric content
MULTI3DIMENSIONAL – class for manipulating 2D and 3D coordinates, geometric data and other geometric content
MULTI3DRANGE – class for manipulating 2D and 3D coordinates, and geometric content

The ObjectARX Interface consists of five main classes. Each ObjectARX class defines functions for the following purpose:

Create: Create an object from an interface or JSON file.
Open: Open an object, optionally create a database with the loaded file and read/write its content.
OpenAdvanced: Open the object and read/write its contents in advanced format.
Commit: Write object changes to the database or send changes to another object.
Close: Close the object (remove changes made since open).

These functions allow direct manipulation of the object’s information.

Third-party developers can create plugins for AutoCAD. The interfaces for these plugins are defined in another class library. All of the AutoCAD objects can be accessed and modified from any program that has access to the ObjectARX class libraries.

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AutoCAD 19.1 [2022-Latest]

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What’s New in the?

Make sure you know all the key features of the software. Get started with our AutoCAD 2023 manual. (ebook) (video: 5 min.)

Markups have become increasingly popular, as designers or reviewers can incorporate feedback and comments directly into their design flow. Markup Assist in AutoCAD integrates these features into the software. The interface was completely redesigned to streamline the workflow, giving you additional options, better control and ease of use.

Fast Creation of Vector Based Sketch Up Lines

The new Straight Draw tool and new Straight Wire tool enable quick creation of vector based sketch up lines. This works perfectly for simple geometries or as a starting point for more complex drawing.

Speeds up and simplifies complex design tasks

Some of the most time-consuming and complex design tasks can now be done with a few clicks.

Sketch tools can now be used with the Push and Pull tool

You can now start with any Sketch tool, such as the Directed or Reverse tools, when you need to move, rotate or resize a selection. This improves the efficiency of common sketching tasks like trimming.

Trimming is easier and faster than ever

You can now set a tolerance for trimming and move the trim point based on your actual trimming distance.

You can now trim using the Push and Pull tool, making trimming a one-step task.

New direct selection of background objects

To create a background for your drawing, you can use the new Background Select tool. This new tool selects the background and then you can manipulate it. You can create complex backgrounds using a new shape tool, or even use the Copy and Paste feature to transfer shapes from other drawings.

The new edge assist tools make it even easier to select and delete background objects

Select edges as automatically as possible. The edge assist tools are more powerful and more accurate than ever.

Remove backgrounds and blend the drawn objects to the background quickly and easily.

Improved color management

You can now easily and quickly manage color groups with the new Color Groups feature. Groups contain related colors and you can quickly apply or remove them.

Use the new Color dialog to change color settings and properties.

Graphical Editing in Simplify

The Simplify command gives you more control over the output. You can now easily control the precision, scale, offset, and rotation of curves and other 3D objects.

System Requirements:

Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, 64-bit
Processor: 3.2 GHz Dual Core Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Disk Space: 1 GB available space
Graphics Card: 512 MB GeForce 9600 GT or AMD Radeon HD3200
Microsoft Silverlight
Internet connection
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