Baby breaks record at birth of embryo that was frozen 27 years ago

Baby breaks record at birth of embryo that was frozen 27 years ago

And the story gets even more interesting because it knows that the record was kept before by the sister, the result of an embryo frozen 24 years ago.

Science is really amazing! Directly from the state of Tennessee, in the United States, baby Molly Everette Gibson, daughter of parents Tina and Ben Gibson, made history at just one month. That’s because it is the result of an embryo that has been frozen for 27 years, the oldest according to a study group from the Preston Medical Library at the University of Tennessee.

Molly’s story began on November 14, 1992, when another donor couple had fertilized eggs and sperm to form embryos for in vitro fertilization. In a press release, medical director Jeffrey Keenan of the National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) explained that they have remained frozen since then. Until, on February 10 of this year, they were frozen.

Two days later, the embryo that developed and gave Molly life was implanted in Tina’s womb. Her birth took place on October 26th, with the little girl reaching the world with the weight of approximately 2.3 kg.

And if the story is already surprising in itself, she is even more so to learn that the record previous to Molly’s was kept by her sister, Emma, ​​now 4, also the result of an embryo that was frozen for 24 years. And the most unusual thing is that it was formed by the same genetic material as the youngest donors, which makes them genetically twin sisters, even if they were born in different years.

“I think this is proof that no embryo should be discarded, especially on the grounds that it is ‘old’,” said Keenan.

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