Baby sign: get to know the characteristics of the aquarium child

Baby sign: get to know the characteristics of the aquarium child

Questioning, communicative and a little anxious. See more features behind the little Aquarian and his relationship with the family!

The year has just begun and we already have the first sign change! Well, the moms who gave birth between January 20 and February 18 – this date varies from time to time, according to the movement of the Sun -, they receive an Aquarian to bring a lot of joy and reflection to the family.

That’s because, as the astrologer Vivi tells Pettersen, the child of Aquarius is usually very early questioner. “She will always ask why things are, as it is her essence to look for other ways and alternatives for everything”, she says. The ability for mental operations also announces a small intelligent and communication-prone.

And start a dialogue there! Like the other signs of the element Ar, the Aquarian is sociable and has an easy time making friends – although, at times, he prefers his own company, since he gets along well with himself.

Originality, expressiveness and taste for the different they are also characteristics of this baby, who can love fiction and extraterrestrial films. “He is linked from a very early age to little things that we don’t normally understand and has a very independent side,” explains Vivi.

“In addition, the person from Aquarius has a very strong appeal to the collective, that is, he is very concerned with the world around him and can get involved in humanitarian causes from an early age, for example,” adds the astrologer.

What the Aquarian daddies need to know …

Although the sense of justice and humanity has its positive side, the expert warns that parents can expect some rebellion of their children at some stage in life, because they disagree with the opinion of most people and sometimes want to do something “out of the box”.

The good thing about this personality typical of the Air element is that the child will not be afraid of changes. Of course, not all of them will be cool, but the unforeseen always accompany the native of Aquarius, who has enough waist to get around the situation.

This whole journey of ups and downs, however, is not exempt from a certain emotional charge, since the anxiety permeates the life of the little Aquarian. “He has an excess of thought in the future and everything that is linked to expectations comes to this child in much larger doses,” explains Vivi.

So the precious tip for parents is that stimulate conversation, exchange and dialogue with your children, as the Aquarian has difficulty in exposing what he feels. “As it is a more rational element, it ends up going over your inner side and, when things get emotionally tight, you prefer to dedicate yourself to other things so as not to give vent to feelings”, explains the astrologer.

How many qualities and complexity behind the child of this sign, huh? If you liked to know more about your baby’s characteristics guided by the stars, don’t forget to share this message from the little one himself to the whole family. Come on, Aquarian!

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