Baby sign: know the characteristics of the child of Sagittarius

Baby sign: know the characteristics of the child of Sagittarius

Ready to live the delights of life, the family can expect a sincere little, questioning and ready to explore knowledge.

Between the days November 22 and December 21, the arrival of a baby in this period marks the presence of a Sagittarius in the family. The sign of fire element brings as its main characteristic its courage before the world.

“The key word for the Sagittarius child is fearless. She sees life as a great adventure, and really throws herself “, details the astrologer Vivi Pettersen. She also advises parents to be attentive when having a child of this sign, because he is usually not afraid to explore the surroundings. The result of this can be reckless adventures and minor accidents.

The second striking feature of Sagittarians is the sincerity that will permeate you throughout your life, revealing children and adults with real personality. Vivi also explains that the little ones of the sign governed by the fire element are spiritualized.

“Only we are not talking about religion exactly. [E sim de que] they always seek knowledge and wisdom, and will always prefer to delve into everything that involves curiosity ”, explains the astrologer. This means that Sagittarians do not believe everything they say or show them, and develop a questioning side.

And because they are constantly asking about the universe and trying to understand what they believe or not, Vivi warns: “They are not children to take shit home, and they will always fight hard for their role in the world ”.

The astrologer also adds by explaining that Sagittarius is a sign ruled by the planet Jupiter, known as “the one of infinite possibilities”. And this same analogy is associated with children of the sign, that they can be and conquer many different paths.

The vastness of being what you want and the tendency to enjoy studying in search of knowledge can lead you to embark on education and reach higher education for the pleasure of learning. And, who knows, travel to other countries eager to discover new cultures.

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