Baby sign: know the characteristics of the fish child

Baby sign: know the characteristics of the fish child

Separate the painting materials and the musical instruments, as the time has come for Pisceans to shine! Yes, little ones born between February 18th and March 20th – date that can undergo subtle modifications according to the year – they are renowned as artists and they get along with manual activities, partly due to the typical sensitivity of the signs Water.

According to the astrologer Vivi Pettersen, this emotional side accompanies the child in all areas of life, causing him to have intense feelings and to be able to capture signals that few perceive. “Pisces is considered the most evolved sign of the zodiac, because they are extremely intuitive people and able to see the inside of the other in a more sensitive way ”, she says.

Sometimes, however, the reaction to emotions manifests itself in an unreasonable way, causing the little one to be considered a little dramatic or crying. “Although she is kind and usually has no relationship problems, drama is part of her life, as well as the sign of Leo,” says the astrologer.

Altruism it is also a characteristic of them, who tend to give themselves to the extreme to satisfy the will of the other and to see him well. Parents are only worth watching so that this child’s virtue does not end up getting in the way and so that their relationships are reciprocal. “Over time, it is important to work on these issues, so that he is not always in the role of the donor and learns how to receive too”, advises Vivi.

  • In the little moon …

    And who remembers Dory, the little fish distracted from the movie “Finding Nemo”? The astrologer recalls that it is common to find games on the internet comparing the character with the people of this sign, who are naturally forgotten. “And it is not out of malice, it is only because Pisceans focus only on what they consider important. His understanding of the world occurs in a simple way, which can make him find it silly what many give importance to ”, he explains.

    A final feature of the people of Pisces is the affinity with the unconscious. “They find it very easy to remember dreams and have some kind of premonitions, in addition to being very well connected with playfulness and fantasy. In fact, we say that everything that we cannot consciously see and feel is governed by this sign, ”explains Vivi.

  • Advice for dads of Pisces!

    Although the sensitivity is typical of the child of this sign, it is not always easy to demonstrate what he feels. For this reason, parents can lend a hand, encouraging their child to talk more about the subject and express their emotions – including through art, be it plastic, theater, music and more. “It is something that parents should invest and insist on, especially because Pisceans tend to run away so as not to face the pain,” says the astrologer.

    The excess of fantasy and being constantly in the “world of the Moon” must also be observed and punctuated by the family, showing the little one the importance of having his feet on the ground from time to time. “He has to understand that it is okay for us to live this playful side, but that there is reality – the responsible and most serious part – and we have to deal with it”, concludes Vivi.

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