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$’utf8′ is the default MySQL character set, and it uses the UTF8 character set in the database. MySql stores UTF8 as ISO-8859-1 in the SQL.
The following indicates the ISO-8859-1 encoding:
SHOW VARIABLES LIKE ‘character_set%’;

Note that the translation (from ANSI to ISO8859-1) may not be exact as Mysql’s ANSI/ISO8859-1 and UTF8 differ a bit.
But even assuming that UTF8 and ISO8859-1 are the same:
MySql does not expect to receive UTF8 data in a variable which is in ISO8859-1. So either declare the variables using UTF8:

or use

MySQL – Workbench 6.3.8 does not see database change.

To support the development and production of portable computer systems, IC (Integrated Circuit) technology is widely used. Then, as the integration level increases, the number of I/O (input/output) pins increases, so that it is more difficult to provide a good heat dissipation and module reliability for the portable computer system.
For example, FIG. 1 shows an example of conventional portable computer system 1 including three AC-3 type batteries 2 and one USB (Universal Serial Bus) port 5.
The AC-3 battery 2 has four contacts, two positive contacts PA1 and PA2 and two negative contacts PA3 and PA4. The positive contacts PA1 and PA2 are electrically connected in series. The positive contact PA1 is connected to the ground of the USB port 5 by contact screws CS. The negative contact PA4 is electrically connected to the ground of the USB port 5 by a contact screw CS.
The portable computer system 1 in FIG. 1 includes three conventional batteries 2 whose voltage is 14.4V. The two positive contacts PA1 and PA2 are exposed outside, so that they are electrically connected to the positive and negative terminals of other batteries. When the two batteries are connected in parallel, the output current will be distributed in equal parts between the two batteries. When two batteries are connected in parallel, the voltage is also

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