Children's Day: 6 celebrities who wrote beautiful messages to their children

Children’s Day: 6 celebrities who wrote beautiful messages to their children

Short or longer, they contemplate the beauty of how the world is different and better from their perspective, in addition to the desire that these children can build a better future for the generation that is being formed.

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1. Bruno Gagliasso

Father of three, the actor made a fun compilation of moments when Titi and Bless appear showing all their authenticity, including in videos for the Youtube channel of their mother, Giovanna Ewbank.

In the caption, Bruno celebrated the date with a beautiful message for his children. “If the world were seen only through the eyes of children, it would be a place so light, so pure and so beautiful. My children, that you never lose your optimism and that you always overflow with love. Thank you for being my life! ”Wrote the actor.

2. Fernanda Lima

The actress also recorded the date with a delicate click in which she appears lying on a mattress, on the grass, with her children: twins João and Francisco, 12, and youngest Maria Manoela, 11 months. The photo was taken by the husband of the presenter and father of the children, Rodrigo Hilbert.

In the caption, she expressed what we want for the next generation: that the future is better with and for them. “Long live the purity of children! May they be able to build a fairer and more loving world ”, he wrote.

3. Monica Benini

Always cautious in protecting her son Otto’s privacy with photos that avoid showing his face, the artist celebrated the date with an image in which she appears hand in hand with the firstborn, recorded by her own father, the singer Júnior Lima.

In the caption, Monica mentions the song “Amoras”, by rapper Emicida, and leaves a simple message about the way the little ones see the world. “’There is no better stage for a thought that dances than the inside of children’s heads’. Happy Children’s Day for those who teach us to see life differently… ♡ About the magic of giving new meaning and loving without measure ”, he recorded.

The click also brings the hashtag “#comoeutevejo”, in which Monica and Júnior share photos that they take of each other with the public, revealing the beautiful details that they see in their daily lives and deserve to be immortalized.

4. Jose Loreto

Who doesn’t like a plane with their father? To celebrate the date, the actor shared a photo with his two-year-old daughter Bella, entitled to lots of green behind the game between the two.

“Daddy will always be supporting you to fly my super Bella! Happy Children’s Day! Love always wins! ”Wrote José. In the stories, he completed the message with a video in which he appears forming a sand castle with his daughter and the words:“ Love is a daily construction! ”.

5. Black Li

Mother of Sofia and little Noah, the singer shared an album with different photos to celebrate the date. Among them, appears the small artist herself and homemade clicks from the brothers.

Already in the caption, she wrote about the aspiration that the little ones can always be free. “Being a child should be synonymous with being happy! I wish today and forever that all children have their rights preserved! So be it! ”, Registered the singer.

Still on the social network, she shared a video in which she appeared delivering gifts to children who were unable to celebrate the date with a new toy. “Happy Children’s Day for all of us. It was really very special… ”, wrote the singer.

6. Caroline Trentini

The Brazilian model shared a photo of her children Bento and Benoah, by the sea, to write a message about how much she has been transformed with her maternal experiences, especially in this period of social isolation.

“I can only say that I am proud of the beings that you are. Even in this crazy and uncertain year, they teach me about being resilient and how much I can still change for the better. You are a challenge, you are courage, you are the freshness of my days and you make me very happy, even though I have to separate very dangerous fights that you have almost daily. I love you! ”Wrote Caroline.

Still in the feed, she shared two fun moments when she appears riding her children’s bicycle. In the caption, she joked: “1.85 of pure maturity. I am just a very tall child ”.

And so on, how has Children’s Day been?

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