Cod liver oil: know the benefits

If you mention the term “cod liver oil”, you will most likely make a face and wrinkle on the nose. The famous fish oil is known for its benefits and flavors. At least it was. And we’re talking about the syrup because the capsules hardly pass through the flavors.

Cod liver

But this is just an urban myth. Today there’s cod liver oil in orange-flavoured syrup, you know that? I just found out!

We went to examine the components and benefits (yes, because there are many) of this versatile and rich fish oil.

What is cod liver oil for?

Cod liver oil is a dietary supplement that is a natural source of vitamins A, D and omega-3 fatty acids.

Vitamin A is important for maintaining normal skin and vision. Both vitamin A and vitamin D contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system in children and adults. Vitamin D contributes to good bone health in adults.

Omega-3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory function. Inflammation leads to several diseases, including heart disease. A food guide published by the Directorate-General for Health indicates that, in addition to the important role in the prevention of heart disease, these types of acids contribute to children’s normal brain development and cognitive abilities.

What are the benefits of that?

Due to its richness in essential nutrients for the development and maintenance of our organism, the consumption of cod liver oil provides several benefits.

Be aware that if you are pregnant, it may not be advisable to ingest tran. But it’s best to talk to your obstetrician.

We then present some of the different benefits of cod liver oil:

Strengthening the immune system in children and adults

Combating and preventing heart disease

Reduction of cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Fights atherosclerosis (blood fat)

Promoting brain development and learning ability

Memory enhancement

Relief of arthritis symptoms such as joint pain and stiffness

Increased appetite

Bone mingting

Combating and preventing depression and anxiety

Helps with the development of the nervous system

Maintains healthy vision

Reduces cancer risk


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