Dark color room: 5 tips to keep the decor from being too heavy

Dark color room: 5 tips to keep the decor from being too heavy

How about rethinking the ideal of the bright room and creating an environment full of personality for the little ones? Here’s how to do it without error.

Do you know that cozy and, at the same time, playful atmosphere that everyone wants for the baby or small children’s room? Know that it must not necessarily be the result of a palette of neutral or lowered tones. At first glance, it may seem strange, but believe me: it is possible to create a cozy and fun atmosphere with dark colors.

And this proposal is on the rise! “More and more mothers are looking for rooms with personality that meet the baby phase, but that also accompany the little ones for a longer time”, explains architect Pati Cillo.

The biggest concern, however, is to measure the colors so as not to make the décor heavy. To help you not lose your hand and reach the ideal result, we talked to experts who give five important tips. Check out!

1. Look for balance

The secret to not leaving the environment gloomy or heavy is to mix it with good doses of light colors. “To achieve harmony, choose surfaces that will be dark and balance them with neutral ones”, suggests Pati. This includes an analysis of the tones for floor, wall, ceiling, furniture and fabrics.

Want examples? If a very dark tone is scaled to the main wall, the ideal is to play with the lighter ones on the other partitions, furniture and floor.

If you prefer dark furniture, the tip is to apply neutrals on the wall and punctuate the ambiance with doses of stronger colors.

Project: Marcella Bacellar Studio

Project: Marcella Bacellar Studio (@ marcellabacellarstudio / Instagram)

2. Bet on colored pieces

A long time ago, the children’s furniture market stopped focusing on white and wood finishes. “Nowadays, there are black pieces, in addition to several other dark and very colorful options”, points out Carina. And you can even customize the furniture with paint and create modern compositions.

The secret is to splash the brightly colored items around the neutral base environment. More daring and cheerful lamps and rugs are also great requests.

Project: Ana Mouawad Queiroga

Project: Ana Mouawad Queiroga (@ koule.art / Instagram)

3. Cold colors are more accurate, but warm ones go well too

“More closed shades of blue, green and purple are often used because they result in a calming effect and are very cozy”, points out the architect Carina Dal Fabbro.

But that does not mean that a vermilion and a yellow cannot assume prominent places. The tip is to play the intense colors in points that can be easily changed if they get tired, such as pillows, decorative objects and even stickers or wallpaper.

Project: Georgia Alb Mendonça

Project: Georgia Alb Mendonça (@ georgiamendonca77 / Instagram)

4. Study the lighting

If the room has large surfaces with very closed tones, the light (whether natural or artificial) will need to be efficient so as not to make the ambiance heavy.

Large windows are allied to guarantee that bath of light that beautifies the entire interior, but a good lighting design is also capable of bringing this result.

Projeto: Carina Dal Fabbro

Project: Carina Dal Fabbro (Press Release / Reproduction)

5. Are you still afraid of making mistakes? Black and white are foolproof

This is the most classic and accurate combination of all time! Black can, yes, be one of the protagonists of the little room, as long as it is well balanced. And white is the best partner.

This double gives a minimalist tone and even allows you to play almost any other color in the decoration without error.

Project: Marcella Pacheco

Project: Marcella Pacheco (@ marcellapachecodesigner / Instagram)

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