Download Passion Of The Christ Mp4 Movie In Hindi UPDATED

Download Passion Of The Christ Mp4 Movie In Hindi UPDATED

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Download Passion Of The Christ Mp4 Movie In Hindi

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Split python dictionary into two dictionaries based on key/values

I have a list of dictionaries of the following format:
{‘user_id’: ‘101’, ‘age’: ’19’, ‘location’: ‘Texas’, ‘gender’:’male’},
{‘user_id’: ‘100’, ‘age’: ’14’, ‘location’: ‘California’, ‘gender’:’male’},
{‘user_id’: ‘102’, ‘age’: ’17’, ‘location’: ‘Georgia’, ‘gender’:’male’},
{‘user_id’: ‘103’, ‘age’: ’19’, ‘location’: ‘Ohio’, ‘gender’: ‘female’},
{‘user_id’: ‘104’, ‘age’: ’15’, ‘location’: ‘Texas’, ‘gender’:’male’}

I want to convert this to two dictionaries as follows:
{‘101’: {‘age’: ’19’, ‘location’: ‘Texas’, ‘gender’:’male’}, ‘100’: {‘age’: ’14’, ‘location’: ‘California’, ‘gender’:’male’}, ‘102’: {‘age’: ’17’, ‘location’: ‘Georgia’, ‘gender’:’male’}, ‘103’: {‘age’: ’19’, ‘location’: ‘Ohio’, ‘gender’: ‘female’}, ‘104’: {‘age’: ’15’, ‘location’: ‘Texas’, ‘gender’:’male’}}

I am using python3.5


I think that, for a slightly different approach, you could use a dictionary comprehension:
my_list = [
{‘user_id’: ‘101’, ‘age’: ’19’, ‘location’: ‘Texas’, ‘gender’:’male’},
{‘user_id’: ‘100’, ‘age’: ’14’, ‘location’: ‘California’, ‘gender’:’male’},
{‘user_id’: ‘102’, ‘age’: ’17’, ‘location’: ‘Georgia’, ‘gender’:’male’},
{‘user_id’: ‘103’, ‘age’: ’19

Golmaal 4 (2008). The Passion Of The Christ..
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Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed made the comments Tuesday in announcing the hiring of Alan Head, a former correctional officer who previously worked as a private security contractor in Afghanistan for three years. Head will be the new director of the Atlanta Police Department’s Metropolitan Division, which serves the city’s northwest suburbs.

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