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i can’t update my windows because i have a virus

i download it and it starts to update but it disappears (installed updates but it says it’s done)
i restated and it goes to 100% and then says can’t do updates
i removed and reinstalled all programs from the list in a window and it said it’s ok and so i did it again and it still says it can’t do updates
i tried to force it to do updates and restart several times but nothing happens
i download a virus file so i can’t go to google or yahoo and i have to restart my computer every time (it’s a problem and i miss my music)

i downloaded this file…

What should i do or can i do anything else to get out of this problem??
if there is any solution PLEASE help!!! Thank you!


Failed to update the Windows because of a virus.
When the installation of the program fails and you remove the file, be sure to mark for deletion the folder where the installation file is located. If it is not marked for deletion then it remains on the hard drive and the next time the installation of the program fails the folder remains on the hard drive.
After marking the folder for deletion, the installation of the program can be made.

2013–14 Sporting CP season

The 2013–14 Sporting CP season is the club’s 120th season of existence, and the club’s first season in the Primeira Liga.

Sporting CP was relegated to the LigaPro at the end of the season following their 13th-place finish in the Primeira Liga.

As part of their preparations for the new season, Sporting CP began their preseason training on 16 July 2013, before beginning their LigaPro campaign on 23 July 2013.



Results summary

Results by round


Taça de Portugal

Sporting CP qualified for the 2013 Taça de Portugal as winner of the Segunda Liga.

Squad information
Sporting CP have used a number of different squads during the 2013–14 season. The table below shows the club’s squad numbers throughout the campaign:




Academy staff

First Team


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Comparative studies of membrane fatty acid composition and outer core protein composition of 11 clinical strains of Neisseria meningitidis and 4 clinical strains of group B beta-hemolytic streptococci were carried out. The meningococcal strains were divided into 12 lipid classes on the basis of silica gel thin layer chromatographic separations of their lipid extracts. Fatty acid analysis showed a predominant lipid class in all strains containing mainly saturated fatty acids, with


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