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Dsa V4 Abenteuer 159 Von Eigenen Gnaden Pdf

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Is there such a thing as a “stateless” handler?

I am designing a website that uses a database, a web service, and a web form all running on one server.
The web form will load our database, extract some data, create a web service and pass along some items. The web service will process these items, then load more items from the database. If everything went well, it will return a success message. If it failed, it will store the error in a database so a report can be generated.
I have created a handler class in a separate.cs file that handles this for me. I have done this many times now, but I have noticed that I am always calling a new instance of this class for each new request. Something I want to avoid.
So I wonder, is there a way to have the handler “remember” what request it is handling so that the next time it is called, it knows which request it is handling?
I realize that this kind of question has been asked a few times here on SO, but all of the answers address micro-services architecture that I am NOT using.


If you use a Session object, you could store the request of your web page inside a variable.
So whenever you create a new instance of your handler you will need to assign the current request to a variable.
Session[“Request”] = “bla”;

In your Handler, you could check the same thing.
if (Session[“Request”]!= “bla”)
throw new Exception(“Request change!”);

Now, whatever code you have in your onPreExecute() or your onPostExecute() methods, you could use the Session object to

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