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Leeann Tweeden is a woman of great dignity and compassion. She shares in the pain that her daughter experienced on November 8th, 2016. Leeann, I can imagine how hard it was for you to face the possibility that your daughter might be in greater pain than you. She had to endure a long campaign to deny the bad.

Conservatives are notorious for playing down on abuse and claiming “I didn’t know and I am sorry.” Leeann is a woman of great dignity and compassion. She shares in the pain that her daughter experienced on November 8th, 2016. Leeann, I can imagine how hard it was for you to face the possibility that your daughter might be in greater pain than you. She had to endure a long campaign to deny the bad.

What a moment of triumph it must have been when Donald Trump was the victor. And what a victory it is over Trump that the American people have punished him in the House of Representatives. For a President who has never spent a day in the military (never even had a “useless” PT test as he called it on the campaign trail) is yet to be admitted by the United States Senate as President. It is history in the making.

But what of the future? Let’s face it, the situation is dire. And I’m not talking about my view of the long term implications of this. We all know what happened last week, and we all know how the GOPe coup worked. And I think we all know that Trump isn’t going to be the next President. And I think we all know that the day when he isn’t the President is going to be a much sadder day than the results on November 8th.

I’ve been into the dark since day one, so I’ve seen it all. Even now, a year later, I want Trump to win, no matter how much I can’t stand him. I still find it impossible that anybody who has gone to a Trump rally for the last several months could now vote for Hillary, and I think that is a real possibility.

But as the dust settles and the final tally is counted, it is time to face the truth. And the truth is that all this embarrassment has been for nothing. We got our man, but it will not work. You will not break Washington. It is not possible to remove Obama from the White House

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Use of the “chévere”

What is the precise meaning of this word, and is it still in use in English? If not, what is the polite equivalent, given in a context such as “I hope you are feeling chevere”?


The more correct answer is to say that, in Mexico, there is a word chévere that is used in a way that is almost verbatim to the way it’s used in Spanish, however the only word used in Spanish is chevere. In English, Chévere is used in colloquial Spanish as an extended happy ending, almost like in the movie Brokeback Mountain. We can’t use this word in formal and/or polite speech.
For example:

Te extraño, chévere. (I miss you, nice


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