Film The Girl From Beijing Tanpa Extra Quality

Film The Girl From Beijing Tanpa Extra Quality

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Film The Girl From Beijing Tanpa

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Zhou Zhangjian (; born June 23, 1981 in Beijing) is a Chinese film and stage actor. One of China’s highest-paid contemporary actors and an ambassador for Chinese traditional culture, he has been called one of the most popular actors in China.

Zhang is the first son of Yang Junhe, a businessman, and the nephew of Zhang Jizhong, a Communist Party of China politician. He graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2001. His father was killed in a traffic accident in 2005.

Aside from acting, Zhang is also a Chinese fencer. In 1999, he won a silver medal in the national sabre team competition.

Zhang is fluent in Mandarin, Mongolian, and Russian, and in addition to his native Mandarin, he speaks English, French, and Spanish.

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Zhang got his first major role in the film The Legend of Crazy Horse. Since then, he has become a very recognizable figure in Chinese cinema.

During the Beijing Olympics, the 24-year-old actor opened his own art gallery in Beijing, Beijing Up Gallery. Zhang has also collaborated with the Korean artist Kim Seung-hye, who is known for her extremely detailed and colorful work.

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