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Monte San Savino is an Italian municipality located in the Province of Como. It is located on the north-east side of the Lake Como. Its borders are: the Como Lake, Castello di Sotto, San Salvatore, and town of Tremezzo. Its population is 2,749.


Monte San Savino was created for the wealthy noble family of the House Contarini-Sansoni as part of the legal settlement of 1803 for the Comacine regions of the province of Como.

Main sights

The main attraction of the town is the bell tower of the “Dei Ciambelle” church. The bell is the work of Melchiorre da San Niccolò, one of the masters of the Lombard schools of the C14th century.

The town also contains the Palazzo dei Vescovi, now the seat of the Comune di Monte San Savino and the Cappella della Madonna del Centenario.


Monte San Savino is protected by four parks: Madonna del Centenario, Villa Ducale, garden of the municipality and sanctuary of San Giovanni del Castagneto. There are great hiking paths and many places to picnic.

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How to make an output sit below the input on all media types

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How to save the first several digits of a number to a column?

I want to create a column in a data frame that does this. For example, if a number is 0.00151, this column would save the first three digits to “0.15” in the column. The same goes for any number in the original data frame. If there was 0.00151 in the first column, it would save it to 0.15 and so on.
I’ve tried using multiple ways of creating a new column, but haven’t been able to get the result I want. I tried the following with the data set below.
df = pd.read_csv(‘data.csv’)
df[‘column with first several digits’] = df.columns[0:5].str.replace(‘\d\.’, ‘0.’)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The following works for me:
import numpy as np

np.array([3.15, 4.99, 7.00, 32.00])
Out[132]: array([ 3.15, 4.99, 7.00, 32.00])

d = np.array([0.00151, 0.00151, 32.00151])
d[0] = d[0] +’0.00′
array([ 0.00151, 0.00151, 32.00151])


Calculus Question (Isolating Integral)


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