Gives food advice to return to school


food advice: IT’S back to school it’s right at the door. Between 14 and 17 September, Portuguese schools will start working in the context of adapting to new habits and standards. The Directorate-General for Health takes this opportunity to promote advice on healthy eating.


This can be added to the change in hygiene and safety behaviour due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a healthy change in children’s eating habits. Returning to school will be new proof that the daily routine has been changed effectively.

DGS food advice

The increase in the time spent at home meant for many a stop in physical activity and a diet with poor nutritional quality. Thus, through the national programme for the promotion of healthy eating, the DGS published a manual on the subject.

Directed at parents, teachers and guardians, it focuses on the following principles:

Eat more fruits and vegetables;

Drink more water and less sugary drinks;

Avoid excessively processed foods;

Consumption milk and dairy products in the right dose;

Feeding based on the food wheel

Teach the youngest to eat and cook well;

Pay attention to food advertising aimed at children in digital media.

The DGS also warns in this guide that the importance of healthy eating should be focused on a preventive approach. They also leave a warning for marketing aimed at children, which is often associated with an increase in energy intake, which can lead to obesity.

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