Hello, Santa Claus ?!  6 ways to interact virtually with the good old man

Hello, Santa Claus ?! 6 ways to interact virtually with the good old man

Video call, message or personalized messages … With these services, children can meet the Christmas character in the safety of the home!

With the arrival of the end of the year, the streets are filled with lights, gigantic Christmas trees are scattered throughout the city and many establishments are preparing to welcome the good old man. In these traditional meetings in shopping malls or cultural centers, children line up to take pictures with Santa Claus, tell him how they behaved over the 12 months and what they want to get as a gift.

But in this atypical pandemic moment in which we live, face-to-face rituals like this had to be put aside a little. What does not mean, however, that the little ones need to stop reviewing the long-awaited Christmas figure (after all, it came directly from the North Pole, right?).

To guarantee some smiles from the group, companies have provided services – paid and free – that promote interaction with Noel. It can occur through video calls, messages on social networks or through personalized testimonials, in which the parents write everything they want the character to say to the child. What about? Check only these 6 cool options that we separated:

Meeting with Noel at the mall… without having to go to the mall!

Sitting on the lap of the good old man will not be possible this year, but nothing prevents children from interacting with him virtually. To make the moment more realistic and special, some malls have even installed cameras so that Santa’s projection can talk and answer the doubts of the little ones who pass by.

Others, on the other hand, preferred to provide a Whatsapp number so that families do not have to leave the house for the meeting to happen. And the cool thing is, as it is an online chat, the mall doesn’t even have to be in your city, right? Here are just a few examples:

  • Santa Claus Web – Shopping Recife

Have you ever imagined receiving a personalized message from Santa, with your name, age and what you like to do the most? All of this is possible through the free tool provided by Shopping Recife.

Just enter the website and fill out a form with some details of the child and the guardian and upload a photo of your child. In a few seconds, a very cute video is generated, in which the good old man tells that the preparations at the North Pole are already in a million.

In the middle of the letters, he finds the little boy’s name with his favorite activity and says that he is on his way with the presents – but that in the meantime he must behave and obey the daddies. The messages can be generated until December 15th on the website, so don’t leave it until the last minute!

Shopping Pátio Paulista is offering two ways to interact with Noel: either the conversation takes place through a virtual meeting in the shopping center space or through a video call on Whatsapp. Just send a message on the number that is signposted in the post above to make the appointment and chat loudly with the old man!

  • Shopping Pátio Higienópolis

In Pátio Higienópolis, the scheme is similar. The mall installed a video call booth for the little ones to interact with Santa Claus, but it gave the possibility for equally special moments to also occur in the safety of the home.

The procedure is very simple: just access this link and wait until you are directed to a chat. There, parents will send some data about their children, along with a message that will be answered via direct message (DM) on the parent’s Instagram profile. Super technological this old man, huh? Just be sure to finish the form by December 23rd so that there is time to get a return.

To present someone with a message in the voice of the North Pole resident himself, the Rio de Janeiro establishment Shopping Riosul released a Whatsapp number dedicated to interactions. There, parents are able to schedule a video call or ask Santa to record a message.

In the message, it is worth asking the children to continue to behave well in the next year – who knows, with the good old man asking, they will not comply, right? The contact details are in the post up here!

Other ways to talk to the good old man:

This platform is a little bit different: in it, the user chooses how he wants to present the child, which can be with a thematic and personalized message recorded by Santa Claus or through a live with him, in which the interaction lasts up to 10 minutes .

After deciding what the surprise will be, just pay the amount indicated on the website and wait for the child’s emotional reaction when receiving an exclusive testimony directly from the iconic figure of Christmas!

Another paid service is Elfi Santa. In addition to the possibility of choosing a video full of magic to personalize with the information of the child that will receive, parents could also choose to address a letter to the little one – but this format has already been closed and will only be released again next year.

The cool thing is that the delivery of the video material happens after two hours, so the gift arrives on time even if it is a last minute surprise! Oh, and part of the platform’s income goes to the GRAAC hospital, a charity initiative that makes perfect sense with the Christmas values, right?

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