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In New Jersey, activists around the state and in Fort Lee, N.J., have highlighted the need for school discipline reform, particularly in schools that serve the needs of students with autism.

Police Shoot Teen With Autism in the Back, Police Say

Fort Lee, NJ — Police say a 15-year-old boy with autism was shot in the back by an officer last month after failing to stop when told to do so. The boy was carrying a knife at the time and had been “swinging his arms as if he was trying to grab a police officer.” He was shot once and was then taken to a hospital, where police say he refused to remain for treatment.

Neither the teen nor the officer have been charged with a crime. The local district attorney didn’t comment.

The case is highly unusual. Police are trained to shoot only in life-threatening situations and only when the subject poses an immediate threat.

I write, again, about A. L. Morton,

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Monday, May 18, 2010

Diane and Daphne

Diane is a train passenger and Daphne is a t-shirt pedestrian.

Diane sneezed as she tried to dig through her purse for some warm Kleenex.

Daphne suddenly halted as she spotted a dollar bill sticking out of Diane’s hand. She immediately dove for it, all the while pleading, “Mister! Please! I have to buy some Hungry-Man Goldfish!”

As Daphne continued to beat her tiny fists into the street pavement, Diane calmly observed, “You know what, Daphne? Maybe I didn’t have any Kleenex.”

“That’s alright, Diane,” Daphne replied. “I just wish you’d stay out of my wallet.”

1. An award-winning train conductor: Diane is a very experienced railroader. On the day that Daphne was born, Diane was on a train journey from Coeur d’Alene to Seattle. She was coming home after a well-earned leave, and all she wanted to do was go to a good restaurant, order a good meal, and have a relaxing time with her old friends. Unfortunately, her train was derailed and she had to spend her entire leave stranded in Southern Idaho.

2. A love of t-shirts: Diane has a very keen eye for fashion. As soon as she found out that Daphne was born, she threw herself headfirst into a search for the perfect t-shirt for her little girl. After having exhausted all her favorite styles, Diane finally settled on a bright yellow one that said, “I only have an hour to live; please don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” She then spent the rest of her leave arranging to visit her friends (and order the most delicious Thai food) in Seattle, and visiting the strawberry fields on the way back


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