How to set up a room for brothers that pleases everyone

How to set up a room for brothers that pleases everyone

Check out the tips for decorating the split room, even if the kids are of different ages and personalities.

It may seem like an impossible mission, but it is possible to set up a room for brothers without a fight, which is well-resolved and still respects the space and tastes of each one. To start, the most important tip: involve the little ones in the creation process.

The key in the children’s room is the identification of children. They need to find an item, color, object of interest in the environment that will help to create a connection and make them feel right there ”, comments Roberta Iervolino Giglio, from Figa Arquitetura.

Keeping in mind the preferences of each one, it is time to put everything into practice. Check the guidelines of the architects:

Studying the area

Understanding what area is available is the starting point. It is necessary to study the environment and project the possibilities, taking into account, mainly, the position of the beds (furniture that usually occupies more space). From there, a real fitting game begins to understand which layout works best.

Bruno Moraes Project

Bruno Moraes Project (Luis Gomes / Disclosure)

Bunk bed, eternal ally

“Bunk beds are the best option for small spaces. But it doesn’t have to be that old model … The double bed with new functions is on the rise: with a play house, a slide and very playful proposals ”, points out the architect Bruno Moraes.

Project Gabi Marques

Project Gabi Marques (@ gabiwork / Instagram)

Bespoke joinery

Woodworking is also a true wildcard. It is possible to create drawers on the stairs that connect the beds, niches and even different layouts, such as an “L” bunk that allows you to take advantage of the lower space as a study corner.

Project Clarissa Moreira

Project Clarissa Moreira (@ clarissamoreiraarq / Instagram)

Planning according to age

Each stage has its priorities! Therefore, it is necessary to provide specific areas for each brother. “For little ones up to 5 years old, play space is essential, so we need more free space. For adults, it is essential to think of a bench or table that serves as their study corner ”, exemplifies Roberta.

Elephant Design Project for Small

Elephant Design for Small Projects (@ elefantedesign / Instagram)

Everyone happy with the decor

Of course, everyone has their preferences, but it is possible to respect them and create a decor that pleases everyone. If the little ones already know how to express themselves, ask each one to explain what they would like for the corner. “We always listen to the children, let them participate in the project and then filter with the parents”, points out the architect Bruno Moraes.

If there is a common theme or game that can be used as inspiration, like Lego, everything can be solved more easily. But we know that this is not always the case.

Figa Architecture Project

Figa Architecture Project (Fernanda Gheton / Disclosure)

“In the case of very different orders, the tip is to work with neutral tones and wood, leaving to insert the children’s favorite colors in details and in elements that can be easily changed”, guides Roberta.

Olivia Vianna Project

Olivia Vianna Project (@ oliviavianna.interiores / Instagram)

Colors are combined to demarcate spaces. A good alternative is to let each child choose their color for the bed wall, thus delimiting the areas in a subtle way.

Project Andressa Rufino

Project Andressa Rufino (@ andressarufino_arq / Instagram)

With a lot of conversation and creativity, it is possible to create a functional decoration that will make everyone happy!

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