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visual studio 2013: automatic behaviour for ctrl + tab?

I have a textbox on my form, and I’d like to move from one component to the next component when I press Ctrl+Tab.
I tried to use the Auto Tab checkbox from the shortcut menu to do it, but I got this:

warning : insufficient size [
the requested size is 15 bytes,
the available space is 12 bytes

I googled and found out that it’s common to have that, and that there are “extras” available from the menu. But I can’t find them.
I tried “Show Commands Palette” from the menu, but I don’t find anything there.
I’m using Visual Studio 2013, on Windows 7 64 bits.


With VS 2012 Ultimate on Windows 7, you can set Edit and Continue to Ctrl-Tab using Tools -> Options -> Keyboards and Languages -> Editing -> Auto Edit and Continue.

Duplex sonography of the carotid bifurcation: a comparison of two- and three-dimensional carotid imaging with CT angiography.
We sought to determine whether three-dimensional (3D) carotid duplex sonography (CDS) can replace computed tomography angiography (CTA) in the evaluation of carotid atherosclerosis, with a special focus on the accuracy and confidence level for detecting stenosis. This study involved 100 consecutive patients (mean age, 62.4 +/- 12.0 years; 53 men, 47 women) who had CDS performed for carotid atherosclerosis. The examinations were performed using CDS, CTA, and 3D carotid imaging (3DCI) methods. One examiner measured all the images, and another measured the results of CDS and 3DCI alone. The CTA results were used as the gold standard. The degree of stenosis and confidence level of CDS were estimated in a seven-point Lik

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