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Web application development in ruby

I know some basic rails. I would like to do some web application development. I plan to use ruby and rails. I do not know how it works. I just want to test the code and functionality and application itself. I am a newbie and I have not programmed before. Is this possible? Are there any online courses for beginners?


Yes, it is possible.
First, you will need an IDE. I personally like Sublime Text 2.
You can learn Ruby with books and online. A great one is:
The best book is:

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Synchronous validation of wp_dropdown_pages

I have a WordPress multisite site which has a single WP_Query used to retrieve a list of pages. I want to ensure the users only select valid pages and do not select the wrong pages. I am aware of wp_dropdown_pages and am able to do the validation that the page is in the same domain (e.g. ).
Is there a way to use wp_dropdown_pages to validate that the page is in the same domain (e.g. as the page the user is currently viewing and if it is not in the same domain, redirect to a 404 page?
The use case is that I want to simply add a message to the page after they select it, which is why I’m not using something like AJAX. If the page is valid, there is no need to display anything, but if the page is not in the same domain as the page they are currently viewing, there is no way to display the error message or redirect to a 404 page.


Add the following to the bottom of your wp_dropdown_pages script:
function validate_current_page() {
global $wpdb;
$current_page = get_current_page


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