Mother report: “I felt very guilty about having complications after the lipo”

Mother report: “I felt very guilty about having complications after the lipo”

On Sunday (24), the internet mobilized with the case of the digital influencer Liliane Amorim, 26, who died after complications from liposuction. The event brought up the discussion about the search for an aesthetic standard that affects women of different biotypes and, together with this, important testimonies that reflect that the death of this young woman is not an isolated case.

One of these reports is that of Débora Côrrea, 36, who currently works in marketing and is in the process of training as a doula. After becoming pregnant with her first-born Guilherme, now six, and the arrival of 30, she considered undergoing plastic surgery to reduce the breasts, as their volume harmed the spine and also bothered her aesthetically.

When looking for different medical opinions, Débora was always warned that physical change would be more harmonious if she joined the reduction of the breasts with liposuction of regions such as thighs, flanks, sides and also the abdomen. After thinking for years, she chose to undergo the procedure in 2020.

The surgery, which took four hours and was given as a successful process, brought a complicated recovery, which came to put Deborah’s life at risk. Today, she says her decision about liposuction would be different: “If I knew I was going to go through all this, I wouldn’t do it.”

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“Guilherme’s pregnancy was not planned, but it was celebrated because he is the first grandson of my parents and in-laws. And although I have always been a person who likes to get involved in various subjects, motherhood was not one of them. I never dreamed of being a mother, but it happened in my life.

In 2015, in Curitiba, Guilherme was born from a cesarean section, in which I suffered obstetric violence and did not have the necessary information for a person who is having their first child. This made my husband and I see each other alone, with a child, not knowing what to do.

It was a very painful puerperium, in which I had baby blues, with Guilherme and I alone all day, since my husband worked. When he got home in the afternoon, he stayed with the baby so I could bathe, but soon I had to breastfeed. In the meantime, he also had dinner to leave for the next day, mainly because Guilherme was very agitated, slept little and there was no time left.

I remember that my doctor never mentioned the word puerperium and I also did not have the proper support network. So, it was a very troubled beginning of motherhood, which prompted me to pursue my doula training. This year, I’m completing my second course and I’m going to specialize in postpartum, because I really want to work with women who have recently given birth, who find themselves in the fog that is exterogenation ”.

The limits of the body itself when returning to study

“Because we live alone in Curitiba, we had to face a lot. My husband worked a lot at the bank, which was a good service with a stable salary, which allowed me to stay at home with Guilherme for a year. Then he went to the school and I decided to study for a public exam in the police.

Only when I started preparing for the physical test while studying, that’s when I realized that the volume of my breasts was getting in the way. For example, I wanted to run and hurt myself. To get a sense, I jumped from a 44 to 52 bra when I was breastfeeding. And, after breastfeeding, I went back to a 48. I had the feeling that in all the clothes I put on, my chest came before me.

I ended up not experiencing little and developed a post-traumatic disorder. I was no longer able to study for a contest, I underwent treatment, but I put this dream of mine in a box to, who knows, live it in another life.

The years passed, I became more sad with the circumstances and started to think about having a plastic surgery. In fact, my mother had a breast reduction and her life changed. This is because she already had a great wear on her cervical spine and it was damaging her health. So, I started planning my own ”.

The trigger for the decision to operate

“I was always very well resolved with my body, and I loved who I was. So, the first desire I had to do plastic surgery was not for aesthetics, it was for quality of life. Only it was not an ‘I need it, I need it, I need it!’. The will came, and I started to work it inside me.

But the perfect moment never came and never would, after all, there are always other priorities. But I started talking to some people and they started to encourage me, like my sister-in-law.

In the meantime, we went to Florianópolis to visit them last year. When we were getting ready to go to the beach and I went to put on a bikini, he just didn’t get into me. There, I cried a lot and decided that I would go after plastic surgery.

When I returned to Curitiba, I booked some doctors and they always had the same opinion: the result would be more harmonious if I had liposuction. Yes, my initial interest was just to reduce the breasts, but then you start to think ‘why not do the other surgery too?’.

Only we don’t have the real dimension of what a lipo is. People do not know what happens, how it is a process, and no doctor told me that. Mine made me very sure about the prosthesis, which I didn’t want to put on and I knew that there were techniques that dispensed it. But I ended up choosing to have lipo and my breast reduction in the same process ”.

Complications in recovery

“I did all the exams and they were all ok. On the day of the surgery, everything also worked out. They told me where they had made the lipo, which had been large (they removed five liters of fat), and that I had lost a lot of blood in the process. It was done in the morning and, since it was not an abdominoplasty, I would not need to sleep in the hospital. Only when my husband came to pick me up, I was very weak, weak, dizzy. So the doctors thought it best for me to stay that night at the hospital.

The next morning, I came home. Only I was in a lot of pain, it was unbearable. My chest didn’t bother at all, but the lipo… I don’t even remember it because our bodies have the mechanism to make us forget so that we don’t suffer. I just know it was a lot of pain, but I can’t figure it out now.

In the other week, on a Monday, I had the first drainage session and everything was within the limits. But I started to have difficulty swallowing, just like when you take a pill and it looks like it gets stuck, you know?

This sensation remained on Monday, Tuesday and when it was Wednesday, I started to feel my heart pounding. When the physical therapist arrived to do drainage, I said that I was feeling very weak and with the impression of having tachycardia. She checked my pulse and saw that it really was.

At the same time, she found it strange because I was at rest and tried to contact my doctor, but he was traveling. Then she spoke to the anesthesiologist on the medical team, who was also concerned, and instructed me to go straight to the hospital because I could be undergoing a thrombus process.

At the hospital, I had a thrombus and blood test. The first one was OK, but the second was already anemic – my hemoglobin was in five. Only I stayed in the hospital for four hours to wait for the results, I was in a lot of pain, I couldn’t go to the bathroom alone. So, the only thing I wanted to do was leave and they released me. They talked to my doctor, he said it was a normal process to have a red blood cell after a big lipo, like mine, and that they could send me home ”.

The pain of guilt

“On Thursday, I had a return visit with my doctor, but I ended up being seen by an assistant. He thought I was very pale and the anesthesiologist, one of the owners of the place, as soon as she saw me said that I should immediately go to the hospital to have a blood transfusion. When I saw one calling the other and a desperation was forming around me, I started to understand that the situation was more serious than I imagined.

I never thought it would happen to me. Before the surgery, what I was afraid of was anesthesia, but I had a pre-anesthetic appointment that left me calm, and I went to the surgery table with a clear but safe fear. Only when I found myself in that situation, having to have a blood transfusion, it was very difficult.

They wanted me to go straight to the hospital, but I needed to get my things to stay in the hospital, so I went home. When I had to tell my son that I would need to go back to the hospital again … it was very difficult.

There, I was questioning what I had done, what was the need. I was in perfect health, and now I was going to a hospital. I wished it would be okay, but what if it wasn’t? It’s my son? I felt very vulnerable.

I didn’t cry in front of him. But he was crying at home, asking me to stay. So when I slammed the door, I collapsed. My husband hugged me, calmed me down, but I told him that I was feeling very guilty. I didn’t have to do all of this and I did it ”.

Today, the decision would be another

“At the hospital, I transfused a liter of blood, and my hemoglobin for five went to eleven. It was very scary. Today, out of the hurricane’s eye, we begin to think to what extent we need it. I’m happy, satisfied. But at no point did I stop wondering yet if I needed to have done all of this, to have taken this risk.

I am not against surgery. But if I knew I was going to go through all this, I wouldn’t. Only I had no way of knowing. What I don’t agree with is trivialization, in which the person is apparently thin and wants to remove four liters of fat from a body that doesn’t have it.

If you choose surgery, it is important to look for a good professional, a good medical team and be well supported. In my case, if it weren’t for the medical team to realize that I wasn’t feeling well, the complication would be greater. I feel guilty for putting my husband and son, along with whoever was supporting me, who was my mother-in-law and mother, in this situation of stress and worry. I feel very guilty about that ”.

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