Pediatrician alert: beware that it is curly and doud

Pediatrician alert: It is normal that you have already offered or are considering offering a well-known or well-known baby a Teddy Bear. These little dolls or ornaments are quite popular and beautiful.


Pediatrician alert:

It is customary for doudous to be given to babies who are still in the maternity ward. But these objects have no advantage or offer no comfort to the little ones for which they are offered. These soft dolls, which, if you do not know well, look like diapers, can pose a great danger to children.

This defends paediatrician Hugo Rodrigues, who in statements to MAGG confirmed that “During the baby’s sleep there should be no kind of objects on the bed, whether they are stupid, pillows, other dolls, as all of these may represent a serious choking hazard to the child.”

Pediatrician alert:

Younger babies don’t defend themselves or have no defensive reflexes like older children, so they can be particularly dangerous. The pediatrician also said that in the first year of life these ornaments should not be given or placed on beds and cots where the children sleep.

From the first year of life, the pediatrician recognizes that doudous can have their benefits and benefits for children. In particular, they can serve as an object for transition and comfort when they fall asleep.

But they are only really useful at a later age than for newborn babies. The alarm is to leave doudous for later.

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