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Levon is a male given name and surname.

Levon may refer to:

Given name
Levon Aharonian, Iranian musician
Levon Bardazjian (1861–1938), American composer
Levon Bass (1913–2001), American voice actor and writer
Levon Chookasian (1940–2011), American psychiatrist
Levon Daudelin (born 1963), American author
Levon Ducasse (born 1967), Canadian television actor
Levon Helm (1941–2012), American musician and producer
Levon Henry (born 1964), Jamaican footballer
Levon Hayes (born 1987), American basketball player
Levon Lataviv (born 1965), American football player
Levon Long (born 1972), Canadian footballer
Levon Mehl (born 1957), American ice hockey player
Levon Mineer (born 1957), American journalist
Levon Namli (born 1962), American entrepreneur
Levon Pali (born 1946), American lawyer and politician
Levon Parizad (born 1971), American politician from New York
Levon Sarnakyan (born 1982), Armenian footballer
Levon Stancil (born 1981), American pianist

Aliza Levon (born 1990), Israeli pop singer and songwriter
Martin Levon (born 1987), Israeli footballer
Tamsin Levon (born 1977), English singer, songwriter and dancer
Tair Pichler (born 1992), Austrian footballer

See also
Levon Haydock (born 1944), British journalist
Levón (disambiguation)

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