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Students at risk can continue to take distance learning

The Department of Education announced this week that students or students who turn out to be part of the risk groups associated with covid-19 infection are not required to attend classes in person.


The order containing this measure is an extension of the 2017 Regulation, which already indicated the possibility of remotely monitoring students with cancers as possible.

Therefore, families who prove that their children are part of a risk group when it comes to infection can use non-face-to-face support and support that enables contact with the original class.

The academic year officially begins between 14 and 17 September.

Although it has not yet been made public, the order states that students who, according to the health authority’s guidelines, should be considered at-risk patients without the possibility of being personal at school, can benefit from “individual educational support,” according to what was found by Diário de Notícias.

The same document allows student to also have special conditions for de-evaluation.

In order for student to benefit from these special measures, guardians must submit an application to the school where the child is enrolled.

The pandemic effects of the new coronavirus are not restricted to infected people. In education, 1.5 billion student have been suspended or reconfigured around the world. The contingent represents more than 90% of all students on the planet – according to an update carried out by UNESCO, the UN body for education and culture.


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