Surprise!  Michelle Obama stars in children's series in March on Netflix

Surprise! Michelle Obama stars in children’s series in March on Netflix

We blink our eyes and we are already entering the third month of the year! With the beginning of the school year – whether virtual or in person – children are certainly more busy with activities during the week. But if there’s a little time left, or even if the range of games for the weekend runs out, how about preparing a family movie session?

In March, Netflix took great care of the news! We only have two sequels (they are the second season of “Alien TV” and the third edition of the film by Luccas Neto and his gang), while the other productions are warm releases for the whole family. This is the case, for example, of the series “Waffles + Mochi”, starring none other than none other than Michelle Obama, former American first lady!

After announcing his participation in the program, as an extension of the work he was already doing in the presidency to support children’s health, the series trailer was finally released. In it, Barack’s wife appears alongside two friendly dolls, who travel the world getting to know new cultures and cuisines. They saw that works that encourage healthy eating for the little ones are on the rise, right?

In addition to the bombastic novelty – which promises to teach and make viewers mouth water – another promise is “Pedro Coelho”, a film that mixes live-action with computing and is based on children’s books of the same name. We will accompany the animal struggling with a difficult rival for the vegetables in the farmer’s garden!

  • Are you curious? Check out all of this month’s children’s releases on Netflix:

    Ghost Town – Premiere date: 05/03

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    Waffles + Mochi – Release date: 16/03

    Alien TV: Season 2 – Release date: 03/19

    Family in Concert – Release date: 03/19

    Secret Magic Control Agency – Premiere date: 25/03

    Luccas Neto in: Vacation Camp 3 – Release date: 03/29

    Pedro Coelho – Release date: 03/31

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