The 8 best children's books to get in the Christmas mood

The 8 best children’s books to get in the Christmas mood

The colorful lights and flashers, the traditional recipes, the flashy decor and the plethora of stories about family and fraternity make Christmas an especially attractive holiday for young children, who usually count the days until Santa Claus arrives at this time of year .

Even more after a difficult 2020 for many fathers and mothers who have juggled with the intention of balancing work and household chores, nothing better than celebrating the eve and the 25th in style – preferably at home.

For you and the little ones to get in the mood, we made a smart selection with 8 suggestions for children’s books that have Christmas as a highlight. They are interactive, educational and classic options, which will please adults and children and, of course, can serve as a last minute gift idea. If you are interested in any book, just click on the image or the price to buy it, ok? Happy Holidays!

1. A Christmas Carol: and other stories – Charles Dickens

Recommended for children who are already more advanced in reading or, for parents who intend to present Christmas classics to the little ones, the book brings eight Christmas stories, among tales and narratives, in which Charles Dickens mixes adventure, mystery and important reflections. Among them is “Um Cantico de Natal”, the most famous tale by the English author, which gave rise to the film “Os Fantasmas de Scrooge” (2009).

Snow-covered streets, ghosts, reunited families and goblins enter the book, which takes place in England’s Victorian era and mixes elements of fiction and real life.

Price: R$ 38,64

2. How the Grinch stole Christmas – Dr. Seuss

A classic of American literature! Dr. Seuss’ book, which also inspired the film “The Grinch”, tells the story of the green, furry character who is famous for hating Christmas. Grinch then decides to descend the mountain where he lives towards the city of Quemlândia, to spoil the party of those who live there. Throughout history, however, he sees his plan fail and realizes the true meaning of Christmas. This version of the book also features fun illustrations to please children of different ages.

Price: R$ 30,03

3. The Beto Tree – Ruth Rocha

A work by the Brazilian children’s book writer, Ruth Rocha, “A Árvore do Beto” tells the story, as you might expect, of Beto, a boy who is a friend of the whole neighborhood. Every year, when Christmas comes, Beto is sad because his family doesn’t have the money to buy a tree, and that’s when he decides to plant his own. The boy comes into conflict when he realizes that he does not have the courage to cut the tree that has just grown, but is surprised throughout the narrative, which talks about empathy and the importance of caring for nature. The book is one of the volumes in the series “A Turma da Nossa Rua”.

Price: R$ 37,43

4. Where’s Wally? Christmas Special: Activities, Searches and Hundreds of Stickers – Martin Handford

Great option to play with the children, the Christmas version of “Where’s Wally?”, In addition to bringing illustrations that make us spend hours trying to find the character in the crowd, it has puzzles, games and stickers – everything educational and Christmas atmosphere. The book features not only Wally, but his entire class, like Wanda, Woof, Odlaw and Mage Barbabranca, who are meeting to find Santa Claus.

Price: R $ 71.80

5. Happy Night – Maísa Zakzuk

To learn and teach how to wish “Merry Christmas” in different languages, to know Christmas traditions in Brazil and abroad, and to learn more about the emergence of the iconic Christmas symbols, “Noite Feliz”, by the author Maísa Zakzuk brings the story of brothers André and Mariana. The two embark on an adventure by starting a conversation with the ornaments that decorate the tree in their house.

Price: $ 9.99

6. Olivia helps at Christmas – Ian Falconer

Suitable for children from 5 to 7 years old, the book is part of the Olivia series, one of the best-selling books in the United States, and is filled with charcoal and gouache illustrations of the little piggy Olivia, who in this version decides to help her parents in the preparations for Christmas. Between clutter and family moments, Ian Falconer’s Christmas story is both fun and inspiring. Another highlight is the design of the book, in hard cover and full of images that catch the attention of the little ones.

Price: $ 9.99

7. Why we put stars on Christmas trees – Nadia Heppell

Zara has a, let’s say, different job. She is a star cleaner who does everything to see her puppy and best friend, Lurijo, making her dreams come true. It turns out that the dog’s greatest desire is to win the contest that rewards the most beautiful Christmas tree in the city, and Zara will do everything possible and impossible to achieve it. First book by Nadia Heppell, Russian illustrator and author, “Because we put stars on Christmas trees”, brings another beautiful Christmas story for children.

Price: R $ 20.90

8. As cores do Natal – Johanna Basford

For children (and adults) who like to color, this book is the work of Johanna Basford, author of the hits “Secret Garden” and “Enchanted Forest”. With illustrations that can go into the Christmas decoration of the house, turn into a card to give to family members or, just ready to paint creatively and promote relaxing moments with the little ones, it has pages full of Christmas motifs.

Price: R $ 32.31

* The newsroom selected products in December 2020 – prices subject to change. We can receive a commission for purchases made on Amazon.

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