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How to render a view that display data from other view using ember js?

I am currently doing a simple emberJS app using rails as a backend. I tried to find a solution online but didn’t got yet.
This is my problem :
1- I got an index.html.erb that display a list of elements.
2- I got a view named comments.js.erb that use an AJAX to query my API.
3- I got another view named comment_template.js.erb that will display the data from the comment table.
But I got stuck at here, how to render the comment_template.js.erb file so as to display the data in my index.html.erb.
Any idea?
Thank you in advance for your response.


Rendering views is really easy when you have a simple template engine, like Handlebars. There are all sorts of tutorials explaining how to do this. For instance:


Then in your routes file or an action helper that renders the page:
var App = Ember.Application.create({});

App.Router.map(function() {

And then in a route
App.IndexRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
renderTemplate: function() {

A very simple approach that gets you 95% of the way there. However, if you need to manage updating/composing the views that you are rendering, you will need to use a more advanced templating system like mustache.
Also, you might find backbone.js to be easier to work with for this kind of simple setup.


Electron Framework (C

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