Viralized: medical mother teaches cesarean section to son with play dough

Viralized: medical mother teaches cesarean section to son with play dough

The cuteness and dexterity of the little boy of just four years has won over those who come across the video on social networks.

When you least expect it, something goes viral on the internet. It happened with the video of the American Danielle Belardo, who is a mother and doctor. In her Instagram account, @thebreakfasteur, she simulates important surgeries in the real world, only in a playful way. Recently, what caught the public’s attention was the cesarean section performed with the help of her four-year-old son.

In a plasticine belly, the video starts with her asking him to check if the anesthesia was already working on the patient, without feeling the clamp on the skin. With playful analgesia applied, they begin the procedure. With a clay knife, imitating a scalpel, the little one begins to cut the six layers necessary to reach the uterus.

The mother shows that, initially, they are less dense until they become more solid when they get close to the female organ. Upon opening it, the doctor explains that the transparent plastic that the child is seeing is the amniotic bag, with fluids inside, for the baby’s protection and nutrition.

Right now, the little one has the cutest reaction the audience can expect. Decided, he uses a toy syringe, connected to a hose, and says: “Suck!” – a very common request in the surgical universe, in which it is necessary to draw blood and other substances that are hindering the doctors’ view in the procedures.

And the game continues: with the help of the mother, the son manages to pull the baby out, which is nothing more, nothing less, than a Spiderman doll. It appears with a bladder attached to the navel, symbolizing the umbilical cord. Together, they cut it.

Finally, the mother reminds the baby that it is still necessary to remove the rest of the placenta from inside the belly. Thus, he pulls the cord and holds a smaller bladder with water in hand, symbolizing the gestational organ.

Below is the full video. Get ready for lots of cuteness (and information)!

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