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How to do ajax binding on a dynamically created dom object

I am creating an ajax grid with dynamic columns. I am able to bind data to the grid. For instance, if I have a JSon collection as following:
{ ‘author’: ‘Author_1’, ‘book’: ‘Book_1’, },
{ ‘author’: ‘Author_2’, ‘book’: ‘Book_2’ },
{ ‘author’: ‘Author_3’, ‘book’: ‘Book_3’ },
{ ‘author’: ‘Author_4’, ‘book’: ‘Book_4’ },
{ ‘author’: ‘Author_5’, ‘book’: ‘Book_5’ }

I am able to bind it to a grid as follows:

$(function () {

dataSource: {
type: “json”,
transport: {
read: {
url: “./Data/Books.json”,
type: “POST”
pageSize: 10,
serverPaging: true,
serverFiltering: true,
serverSorting: true

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