Vivid Workshopdata.ati V12.1 Torrent 41 [UPD]

Vivid Workshopdata.ati V12.1 Torrent 41 [UPD]

Vivid Workshopdata.ati V12.1 Torrent 41DOWNLOAD


Vivid Workshopdata.ati V12.1 Torrent 41

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// A lot of Dojo classes are not supported, but we can still do some tricks
// to provide a reasonable implementation.
// A.1) many objects use a deprecated API and have empty/immutable defaults
// so we can’t support them, but they’re easy to create manually.
// A.2) tests/devices/MotoGP v3.4 headrest/feather touchpad
// work around for reporting events (auto-detected in this file)
// because other events are removed (no text areas)

// we rely on the fake headrest for two things
// A.1) we know it’s there (have to find it!)
// A.2) we can simulate clicks on it

function workaroundFakeHeadrest() {
var body = dojo.byId(“body”);
var fakeHeadrest = document.createElement(“div”);
dojo.html.setClass(fakeHeadrest, “dojox_headrest”);
dojo.insert(fakeHeadrest, body);
dojo.query(“[data-dojo-type=’dojox_headrest’]”, body)[0].click();
for (var i=0;i


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