What precautions should be taken when using sex toys during pregnancy?

What precautions should be taken when using sex toys during pregnancy?

Since social isolation began in Brazil in March last year, there has been a 50% increase in sales of vibrators in the country, as shown by a survey conducted by the Mercado Erótico portal. The reasons are several: first, because spending more time at home has contributed to people investing more in self-care, which includes masturbation. Secondly, for singles, face-to-face meetings were somewhat limited, which aroused the need for some novelties in sexual life. And thirdly, because, as a result of all this, media and social networks started to talk expressively about sex toys, which aroused the curiosity of many people.

The truth is that erotic toys of the most different types have existed for many years, with or without a pandemic, and although they are still considered taboo for a portion of the population, they have in their use as many benefits as sex itself – including for pregnant women who want try them out.

  • The use of vibrators in pregnancy

    As explained by the gynecologist and obstetrician Ana Paula Mondragon, using vibrators in pregnancy can reduce stress, serve as an alternative to control libido when very high, improve the quality of sleep and increase the release of endorphins (which generates an immediate feeling of well-being). be). Vibrators still do not pose any risk of STIs and, for some women, promote more intense orgasms during pregnancy.

    Camila Pinheiro, a gynecologist and obstetrician, adds that pregnant women, when investing in sex toys, may end up discovering previously unknown points of pleasure, which can also be beneficial for the relationship with the partner. “It is a moment of intimacy for women, which is worth getting to know their own body and that of the couple. If the partner does not feel comfortable in this situation, out of fear or some other issue, she can continue to enjoy it ”, he adds.

  • Laís Lacerda, psychologist, sex therapist and postgraduate in human sexuality, sees the use of vibrators by pregnant women as a way to stimulate sexual fantasies, increase excitement and facilitate the discovery of new positions and erogenous zones that adapt to the comfort of women – that is, the use of the vibrator can be expanded beyond the genital zone, which can create a new repertoire for sexual relations.

    “Including using vibrators with your partner can be fun, light and very exciting. Dialogue is essential to avoid catching the other person off guard, as the two need to agree with the use of the toy. Some limitations of an emotional or cultural order may cause discomfort or insecurity in the partnership due to the use of the prosthesis, and may create fantasies about its replacement. In this case, using it as a couple is not advisable “, says the professional and adds:” I recommend that the couple familiarize themselves with the vibrator before using it for the first time in the relationship, trying to find out about its features so that it does not interfere. in the weather at time H ”.

  • Every pregnant woman can use vibrators?

    Do not. The restrictions regarding the use of vibrators by pregnant women, as explained by the doctors, are the same related to sexual activity. That is, women who have placenta previa, risk of premature birth or premature labor, bleeding from different causes, premature rupture of membranes and placental detachment should not have sex or resort to masturbation with vibrators. First of all, it is recommended to consult the prenatal doctor.

    “When there is a chance of premature delivery, either by short cervix or another threat, uterine contractions of orgasm can stimulate the uterus to the point of going into labor and evolving. The cases of bleeding or risk of bleeding when having sexual intercourse or practicing masturbation can cause the bleeding to worsen, with the possibility that it becomes a hemorrhage ”, reinforces Dr. Ana Paula.

  • Do vibrators harm the baby’s development?

    Laís explains that, although some couples limit sexuality a little during pregnancy for fear that penetration will hurt the mother or baby, the sexual act does not harm pregnancy when risk free – nor does the use of vibrators, including those made for penetration.

    This is because the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby has a protective function, that is, it keeps him safe inside the uterus. Camila ensures that the vibrators, whether internal, external or designed for anal pleasure, do not cause any kind of alteration in the baby’s development or behavior, and have no relation whatsoever to the child’s formation or malformation.

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  • What is the most suitable vibrator for pregnant women?

    “It is important to recognize that the ideal vibrator does not exist. The most appropriate is the one that best meets the sexual response of the pregnant woman and, therefore, the sensitivity to reach the peak of pleasure is variable. For orgasm to happen, there is only one invariable factor: the state of deep relaxation, ”says Laís.

    In other words, more important than choosing a “right” or “wrong” model of a toy, explains the therapist, is to lower expectations, not compare yourself from the experience and reports of other women and face the sex toy as an instrument of self-knowledge. Instead of focusing only on orgasm, it is worth considering other benefits such as autonomy and independence.

    Having said that, the best thing to do is to try different options of vibrators in different positions, be they clitoral massagers, anal plugs, focused on penetration, with remote control and also the clitoris sucker, which has been quite successful in recent months.

  • Preferences can also vary throughout pregnancy: toys designed to be used on the clitoris tend to be more comfortable towards the end of pregnancy, while penetration toys can become a little uncomfortable because of the stiffer material. As we said, however, everything varies from person to person.

    “[O sugador de clitóris] it is usually the most used by women who feel uncomfortable with penetration, for different reasons, ranging from physical discomfort, usually more pronounced in the last trimester of pregnancy, to cultural issues ”, adds the psychologist, who suggests the use of a mirror during masturbation with vibrators, so that the woman gets to know her genitals and areas of greater sensitivity better.

    Basic but important care

    For added safety, use the vibrator together with a lubricant or gel, but it should always be water-based. Because she is more sensitive during pregnancy, it is not recommended that women use gels with odors and flavors in the area of ​​the vulva and vagina, which can cause allergies in the area.

    Hygiene care with the device is always the same, whether pregnant or not. Even so, pregnant women are more susceptible to infections, which can lead to premature labor. To avoid any kind of contamination, Ana Paula emphasizes the importance of clean the sex toys with water and mild soap, before and after use, as well as hand hygiene before starting masturbation. And when storing them, make sure that it is not a very damp place, combined?

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